‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap And Review: The Outsider

Talk about an intense, jaw-dropping episode of Once Upon A Time! Could it get anymore nerve wrecking? If you ship Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin), which I’m pretty sure everyone with a heart does, or if you quite enjoy looking at Hook (Colin O’donoghue), which I’m pretty sure anyone who loves to look at attractive things does… Then this was the definition of the perfect episode! Plus, ‘The Outsider’ had a double cliffhanger that is sure to make waiting until next Sunday unbearable.

“I’ll fight for him! I’ll never stop fighting for him!” -Belle


Rumplestiltskin finds a way to leave Storybrooke without losing his memory in the process. Yet things take a horrible turn when Hook shows up looking for revenge. Hook attacks Belle in her library, leaving her trapped in an elevator, helpless. Though it turns out that it was all a scheme to get Rumple out of his shop, taking his only chance to leave Storybrooke with him. Belle begins to take matters into her own hands, channeling her inner bravery. Using her love of books, she figures out that Hook arrived to Storybrooke on a boat, and soon finds the ship. In the process, she rescues a kidnapped Archie (Raphael Sbarge), finds Rumple’s enchanted shawl, and saves Rumple from losing his humanity. Talk about a badass character! Sadly, as Rumple was leaving, Hook returns just in time to shoot Belle, and inevitably erase all memory of her fairytale self. And although I love Hook, I still couldn’t help but smile when the mysterious man crashed into him with his car. Mess with Belle, and karma will bite back!

The Fairytale World:

There is nothing I love more than girl power! Belle sets off on a journey to find a dangerous creature called the Yaoguai! After being scorned by obnoxious, sexist men, it’s up to Belle to use her remarkable wit (courtesy of her wide variety of reading material) to track the beast. Along the way, she runs into Mulan (Jamie Chung) and together, they set off to kill the creature. In the end, Mulan ends up getting injured, leaving Belle to complete the task of slaying the Yaoguai. Using her incredible instincts, she traps it. Oddly enough, it begins to spell out a message, and Belle decides to use the fairy dust Dreamy gave her to set the beast free. Like magic, Prince Phillip appears, and thus begins the story of how he met Mulan!

I think it’s pretty obvious how much I adored this episode! Belle and Rumple’s relationship is captivating, and the wrench that has just been thrown in makes it all the more interesting. Also, I have to add that writing Hook into the story-arc was probably one of the best decisions Once Upon A Time has made thus far. Colin O’Donoghue is perfection in every shape and form. I’m curious to find out the fate of his character. Will he continue to try to kill Rumple? Or is his job done? Lastly, I have to make a quick mention that this episode most certainly lacked Regina (Lana Parrilla). But besides that, I felt it was excellent. Loved how they tied everything together, not only in Storybrooke, but also the whole Mulan and Prince Phillip deal.



  • Will Rumplestiltskin ever find his son?
  • What is Belle going to do, now that she’s lost memory of her fairytale self? Fall in love again?
  • The guy that crashed into Storybrooke? Some random? Maybe Baelfire?


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