‘Lost Girl’ 3.01 Episode Recap And Review: Caged Fae

Our favorite succubus is back in the season premiere of Lost Girl!

The recap, for those of you who need to catch up: Bo seems to have gone a little off the deep end since the events of the season finale, robbing banks, mouthing off to her friends, and generally embracing her inner bad girl. Dyson arrests her and sends her off to Hecuba, a fae prison run by Amazons. But this isn’t just any Amazon-run fae prison, it’s a CORRUPT Amazon-run fae prison from which Lauren’s dear friend Dr. Everett has disappeared. Bo isn’t bad, she’s undercover!

Something’s fishy, and most bets are on the leather-wearing, dominatrixy warden. It seems that no one really gets out of Hecuba, even when they’ve been paroled. Released prisoners inevitably reoffend and wind up right back in the fae pokey. Bo befriends her cellmate, an innocent-seeming girl named Sylvie, arrested for stealing bread for her starving family. Jean Val Sylvie finally gets paroled, swearing that she’ll never come back. Meanwhile, Lauren, masquerading as the new prison doctor, helps Bo find out that the prison has been conducting secret medical experiments on the prisoners.

Bo continues to investigate in-between scenes of gritty prison drama and uncomfortably creepy sexual harassment. A special contact lens snuck in by a hilariously-disguised Kenzie gets Bo into the secret chamber in the warden’s office. Who should she find in the secret chamber but a drugged-up and heavily pregnant Sylvie, who is completely unaware that she never left Hecuba. The Amazons have been trying to find a way to get their all-important girl babies without having to involve icky menfolk.

Or have they? As it turns out, the warden hasn’t been impregnating released prisoners with their super-secret baby-making fae goo. She’s been knocking them up herself, because (as Austin Powers once famously said) “She’s a man, baby!” The newly-enlightened Amazons “take care of the problem,” simultaneously fixing the corruption inherent in the system. In the rush of celebration, Bo promises Lauren that she’s ready for a Real Relationship, and they kiss passionately as Dyson and Kenzie look on sadly.

Alright, I’ll grant you this wasn’t the brilliant season premiere I was anticipating. I feel like there were too many loose ends from last season’s finale that either weren’t addressed at all or were just handwaved away. Obviously some time has passed since the events of the finale, but everyone seems to have been in a holding pattern for the last few months. Kenzie has a mysterious rash that hasn’t done anything or raised any red flags. Dyson has regained his passionate love for Bo, which he channels into making sexually-charged fake arrests, but otherwise declines to act on. Trick is Bo’s grandfather, a few quips are sufficient to put that to rest. I understand that all of these are going to come into play throughout the season (I hope), but I would have been far happier if they’d picked even one of those plot lines to deal with this episode.

Yes, Lauren and Bo decided to make a go of it at the end of the episode, but with everyone else just coming out of their post-season hibernation, their resolution feels unearned. They’ve been fighting about getting serious for a few months, but we don’t really see any evidence of it. Lauren also seems to have been able to quickly put aside the fact that Bo killed the love of her life only a couple of months ago.

I’ve really enjoyed Lost Girl up to this point, so I have faith that the next episodes will be better. This one in particular just didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s okay. Next week will come back swinging!

Best Quotes:

Kenzie: “The shorter the lifespan, the deeper the quicksand!”

Bo: “You wore your redneck wig.”
Kenzie: “And my monster truck thong. Go method, or go home.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So Bo has decided to “get serious” with Lauren just as Dyson gets his love back and his act together. I’m pretty sure that the triangle will be over when the show ends, so how are they going to keep the intrigue going this season?
  • Speaking of Dyson getting his love back, we haven’t resolved Kenzie’s new obligation to the Norn. Any guesses on the side effects of Kenzie’s spooky fae rash?
  • Did I miss the explanation of how Hale managed to get himself installed as Acting Ash? I know he’s part of an important family, but he’s not the most senior member of that family, nor is his family the only one of the fae gentry. Thoughts?


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  1. i so love lost girl so much and glad its back. all the characters on this show are awesome. and i love that Hale is now the ash (or acting ash i should say..lol) i can’t wait to see more of bo’s dark side and how they are going to protect/save her from that. and im sure there is going to be more to kenzi’s rash on her arm. i really hope there will be more scenes with Vex cuz has quickly become my new fav character on the show (sorry kenzi) and as much as i like bo and lauren together, i still want her back with dyson. wish he would have just told her he has his love back for her.