‘Lost Girl’ 3.02 Episode Recap And Review: SubterrFaenean

Fairy tales meet urban legends on this week’s Lost Girl!

Recap time! Kenzie and Vex (who’s still wounded and still hanging around with our mostly Light Fae crew) are checking out an underground art festival with Kenzie’s friend, Aussie. I’d explain the name, but it was a long bit of pointless exposition about which not even the characters cared. Anyhoo, folks have been disappearing into the tunnels and never coming back, which raises an alert on Kenzie’s fae-dar. When Aussie disappears, Kenz gets Bo involved.

The dynamic duo gets kidnapped mid-search and taken to Atticus, a sewer alligator who looks remarkably humanoid. Atticus and his people were thought to be plague-carriers back in the day (despite the fact that they weren’t getting sick) and were locked up in the underground sewer system. Atticus finishes laying his heavy exposition on the girls, then gasses them and drops them back home, which is remarkably considerate for the creature that we’ve been led to believe is the villain of the episode.

Aussie shows back up, but he’s sick with the aforementioned plague and has no memory of anything that happened over the last couple of days. Bo discovers that he and the other abductees were being held in a shipping yard above ground, effectively ruling out the light-sensitive sewer people as the culprits.

Meanwhile, Dyson’s getting heat from a couple of different corners. He’s been saddled with a new partner, a smoking hot dark fae named Tamsin. Tamsin has a bit of an axe to grind where Bo is concerned, as she’s convinced that Bo is behind the attack on a dark fae last week. At the same time, Dyson’s boss, the city manager, is coming down on him to get this sewer gator case closed and fast. Tamsin’s suspicion is only magnified when she and Dyson catch Bo investigating the disappearances.

Everything comes to a head when Bo and Kenzie run into Dyson’s boss in the sewers near Atticus’s people. As it turns out, he’s not a mildly harried city manager, at all. He’s the Pied Piper of Hamlin, also known as the evil fae who stuck Atticus in the sewers in the first place. Now he wants the sewer people gone so that developers can come through. Corporate AND eeeevil. Fighting ensues, Bo hands the Pied Piper over to Atticus so that the sewer folk can exact their revenge. Everyone is happy.

Well, everyone except Tamsin and Eunice, a Dream Weaver (go ahead and sing the song. I’ll wait). Tamsin isn’t willing to give Bo a pass, possibly because of the way Bo broke out of the police station twice. This is definitely the start of a very unlovely relationship. Eunice is a friend of Trick’s, brought in to check out Bo’s nightmares that have been waking her every night. Eunice does her weaving thing and sees Bo’s dark side chowing down on fae chi. The Weaver doesn’t quite run screaming for the hills, but it’s a near thing, leaving Bo to wonder just what in tarnation is going on with her own subconscious.

I’d say this was a much better outing than last week’s episode. I’m very interested to see what’s going to develop in regards to Dyson’s new partner. His relationship with Ciara has already proven that giving his heart away doesn’t keep him from, shall we say, having other ‘special friends.’ I definitely get the impression that Dyson’s going to be working out some of his love-triangle-angst outside the boxing ring.

It looks like Tamsin’s also going to be the driving force behind finding out what’s up with Bo’s split personality. She certainly seems to be the only one really interested in investigating the attack on Random Alley Fae. I can only guess that the attacks are just going to ramp up as the season progresses, and Tamsin’s likely to be the only ‘good guy’ convinced that Bo’s behind them all. Can’t wait to see how this is going to go down in the rest of this season of Lost Girl.

Things to Ponder:

  • So Bo’s dark side is an unconscious thing for now. Do you think it’s a dark part of her psyche, or are we looking at another possession storyline?
  • Bo and Lauren are pretty solidly together at the moment, but Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, and Kris Holden-Ried have all indicated that the love triangle is going to be an ongoing thing throughout the whole series. What’s going to be the catalyst that puts Dyson back in the game?


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