Ol Parker Gives Fans a Small Update on Diablo Cody’s ‘Time and a Half’

Ol Parker and Diablo Cody

When news of Time and a Half first dropped more than a decade ago, movie fans were ecstatic to see Diablo Cody’s script and Ol Parker’s directing on the flick.

The film is set to tell a comedy about a young woman who takes a temp job at a trophy shop following her time in college. There she runs into her sister’s old high school boyfriend, with whom she hooked up once.

Julianne Hough
Photo Credit: lev radin

Julianne Hough Had Joined Time and a Half as the Lead in 2012

In 2012, it was announced that Julianne Hough would headline the project, and the filmmakers were still looking for someone to play Hough’s sister, which, at the time, reportedly left production at a standstill.

The last update on the project came on IMDB Pro in July 2017 with a status of “Development Unknown.”

Ol Parker
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Ol Parker: “We Talked About It Recently.”

Being a massive fan of both Diablo Cody and Ol Parker, I took the opportunity to ask Parker about it this week. We sat down to talk about the DVD and Blu-ray release of his latest film, Ticket to Paradise, which is now available digitally and releases on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 13, 2022. And as our interview came to a close, I asked if there was any update that he could offer fans that had been following the project.

“It was such a privilege to rewrite her, slightly rewrite her, but to inherit one of her scripts,” Parker noted in our chat. “And we talked about it recently, actually, about reviving it. It was very much of its time, at a certain point. But she’s a genius, and it’s a brilliant voice. And I was thrilled to get the gig.”

“It’s one of those scripts that floats around Hollywood. And actresses read it and go, “I’d like to do this,” and then it nearly happens. And now, I don’t know. I have a little bit more… because this [Ticket to Paradise] went okay, and Mamma Mia went okay. So it’s good that you put that in my head. But literally, we talked about it recently. So I’ll let you know.” Parker added with a smile.

So for fans of Diablo Cody and Ol Parker, note that Time and a Half isn’t off the table. It’s still up in the air. And with Parker and Cody connecting on it recently, perhaps we’ll have good news to share on it in the near future! Stay tuned!


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