‘Being Human’ 3.04 Episode Review And Recap: I’m So Lonesome I Could Die

Dancing, dinner, and depression on this week’s Being Human!

Let’s recap, shall we?

Aidan is dealing with the loss of Henry using the time-honored tradition of frat parties and copious amounts of alcohol. Josh and Nora are miffed, but Sally and Erin are more than willing to jump right in. Aidan’s particular flavor of not-dealing seems to include giving up on the whole idea of watching who he eats. The dangerous diet part of Aidan’s nonexistent coping mechanism manages to fly under the radar until Aidan drags Sally out to a dive bar in the sketchy part of town.

Sally’s on board with the biker bar because she’s having a few coping issues of her own. She’s having nightmares about killing everyone she meets, and is going a little stir-crazy being stuck in the house again. Also, Erin has raised the very valid point that if Boston isn’t safe for Sally, maybe Boston is the one place she shouldn’t be. Sally finds something else to worry about when Aidan ditches her at the bar, leaving the still-bleeding remnants of his burly biker dinner behind for her to find.

Meanwhile, Josh and Nora are dealing with their own issues this week. It’s Nora’s mother’s birthday, which means that Nora is gearing up for her annual trip home to her not-so-happy family. Josh wants to be supportive and convinces Nora to bring him along, but he isn’t quite prepared for the booze-and-denial fueled storm of Crappy Childhood. Needless to say, Josh’s plan of asking Nora’s father for her hand isn’t received as warmly as he’d hoped.

Nora’s little brother comes over the next day to congratulate her on the proposal that hasn’t happened yet. While she’s out, RJ starts hitting on Erin pretty hardcore, leading to Josh walking in on an age-inappropriate makeout session. Fists fly, Nora breaks up the fight, and Erin packs her gear and runs away before Josh can apologize. Later, Nora lets Josh know that now may not be the time to propose, but someday it will be.

On the other side of the house, Sally has decided to get through to Aidan by straddling his shirtless chest and holding a stake to his heart. “You’re not alone,” she says, “but you’re being a douchebag.” Aidan pulls himself up by his bootstraps and reapplies at the hospital. Sally goes to Max’s to find a new social security number and walks out with a job.

I can’t pan any episode that involves Sam Witwer busting out both Thriller and swing moves. What I didn’t anticipate was Henry’s death happening off-screen between episodes. Granted, Henry dying with unresolved issues between him and Aidan (can vampires become ghosts?) opened the door for all of the angst-partying and “rolling the dice” of this episode, and that can’t be a bad thing.

I absolutely loved Josh and Nora’s conversation at the end of the episode. The subtext there was brilliantly played to the point that it was very nearly text. Having met Nora’s family, I can understand her reluctance to potentially put herself into another permanent situation. Josh’s reassurance that they could “handle something new” was a great moment for both characters.

Best Quote:
Erin, after Josh takes away her beer: “Twilight was cool with it!”
Josh: “Yeah, Aidan was okay with it because when he was a teenager, beer was safer than water.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Anyone want to discuss the moral implications of feeding on Kenny, or should we just wait for Josh to do it for us next week?
  • So Max and Sally seem to be a bit of a thing, and so do Sally and Aidan. Are we seeing the beginnings of a triangle, or is this going to go somewhere completely different?
  • Would anyone be upset with me if I referred to Aidan as “Twilight” for the rest of this season?


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