‘Lost Girl’ 3.04 Episode Review And Recap: Fae-de To Black

Bo and Dyson end up in therapy on this week’s Lost Girl!

Okay, that’s a bit misleading. They end up in therapy, but undercover, Bo as a therapist and Dyson as a patient. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bo and Lauren’s relationship is still going strong, but Bo doesn’t seem to be doing so well herself. She’s dizzy, irritable, and getting weaker, making her a less-than-willing confidant when Kenzie tries to bring up that pesky rash that’s been plaguing her since last season.

Dyson and Tamsin have come across a wave of suicides. Everyone involved is human, doing something crazy, and smells of something fae. Not a great combination. The one link is that they’ve all been patients of one particular New Age-y clinic. Dyson calls Bo in to go undercover as a couples’ therapist to find out what’s going on.

As it turns out, there’s an Ixtab (suicide fae) working at the clinic, but she’s eating clean like Bo. On top of that, all of the victims have been drained of adrenaline, which is not exactly the Ixtab’s standard operation. Bo gets seriously injured in the course of her investigations, and afternoon delight with Dr. Girlfriend doesn’t help nearly enough. When Bo goes to report her findings to the police, Dyson notices and offers to take one for the team to get her back up to fighting strength.

So the Ixtab is out. The other suspect? A regression therapist named Dr. Palmer. Dyson goes undercover as one of Dr. Palmer’s patients to see if he can literally sniff out what’s going on. He isn’t able to smell anything fae, but whatever’s taking out Dr. Palmer’s patients definitely latches on to Dyson. The next time we see him, he’s shirtless on the roof and trying to shapeshift into a gryphon. Bo talks him down while Tamsin takes out the real villain, a Rakshasa that’s been masquerading as the office cat, Dr. Bob.

Bo ends up fessing up to Lauren about what’s not working in their relationship, namely the feeding part, and that she had to go to Dyson or to the hospital. Lauren grants that Bo is going to have to get what she needs elsewhere and agrees to a more open relationship, as long as Dyson is never involved again.

Meanwhile, Kenzie is attempting to go to her other fae bestie about the rash, but Hale is rather swamped with Ash duties. When Kenz interrupts an important ceremony, Trick comes down hard on the new Ash, telling him that as much as they all love Kenzie, she’s gotta go. Hale agrees and freezes Kenzie out, just in time for her to get snagged in the alley behind the Dál Riata.

Okay, so let’s tally up how many of our favorite characters kicked a puppy this episode: Bo had her “good thing you don’t love me” speech with Dyson, Lauren thinks Bo’s uneducated, Trick tells Hale to kick Kenzie to the curb, and Hale actually does it. Didn’t something similar happen last episode, when everyone was mean to the powerless-yet-fabulous Dark Fae puppy? We’re definitely starting to drift over into What The Hell, Hero? territory here. Hopefully Kenzie’s disappearance will kick everyone back over into Good Guy mode next week, ’cause this episode was just kind of painful.

That being said, I think now we’ve answered the question of how the love triangle is going to keep going. As a human, Lauren is never going to be strong enough to keep Bo fed, so the solution is either sharing Bo with many, many partners or sharing her with Dyson. Where do you think the relationship’s going to go from here? Lauren’s instituted the “No Dyson” rule, but from a larger story arc perspective, I don’t think that’s going to last terribly long. What do you guys think?

Best Quotes:
Bo: “Seriously? Your kryptonite is kitty litter?”

Tamsin: “Splitting hairs. It’s like Occam’s Beard-trimmer.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So was Lauren supposed to look like the Worst Girlfriend Ever this episode or was she just the victim of some odd editing decisions? Either way, bad day for Team Lauren.


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  1. dyson has got to come clean about him getting his “love” back for bo. and i really hope kenzi is alright and someone can help her about that rash thing on her arm.