‘Lost Girl’ 3.05 Episode Recap And Review: Faes Wide Shut

Bo finds herself firmly in her element on this week’s Lost Girl!

Kenzie’s been missing her girl-time with Bo, and so hunts online for people with fae-sounding problems that they can investigate. What she finds is a rash of humans exploding into green goo. Bo and Kenzie go check out the widow of the latest victim. While there, they meet the secret girlfriend of said victim, who points them in the direction of a “special club” that they’d attended only the night before.

The Dynamic Duo go clubbing and find a sexy-but-uncooperative Bacchus running the show and a secret, invitation-only room in the back. Trick, being the swinging Blood King that he is, happens to still have one of the invitation keys laying around. The entire gang, minus Trick and Hale, head back to the club. Dyson and Tamsin go upstairs to have an official chat with the Bacchus, while Bo, Kenzie, and Lauren check out the secret room. As it turns out, there’s a Manta in the secret room (think tentacles. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t.) who’s feeding everyone’s sexual energy up to the Bacchus. All highly illegal and obviously dangerous, to boot. Bo goes a little HulkSmash! on the downstairs crew and shuts down everything, but Lauren is only barely able to talk her down from whatever ledge she’s on.

For Plots B and C, Dyson and Tamsin have found a dead fae not far from Bo’s place who happens to be one of her One Night Feeds. Bo doesn’t remember her leaving, but Kenzie says she did, and in one piece. Kenzie, on the other hand, is acting very strangely. She’s super-clingy, deleting texts from Lauren and trying to convince both Lauren and Trick that they should leave Bo alone. It isn’t until the end of the episode that Bo tricks Kenzie into revealing herself through judicious application of Thai food. Kenzie’s violently allergic to peanuts. Whatever it is that’s masquerading as her doesn’t seem to be. So where’s Kenz?

Alright, when did you figure out that Kenzie wasn’t Kenzie? I’ll peg my revelation at her asking Trick how much she owed for the beer. The writers of Lost Girl are too good with consistency to forget that Kenzie has an open tab at the Dal (or that Kenzie would never pay for something if she didn’t have to). I would have gone with an odd fae disease until that point, though. Well done to the writers for planting the subtle seeds early and not just clubbing us over the head with Kenzie’s peanut allergy.

I’m not sure I like where Lauren’s character seems to be going. She’s never struck me as particularly prudish before, but in the last couple of episodes she’s definitely started distancing herself with medical terminology and breaking out the “not now, honey. I have a science.” I’m sure this is, as previously mentioned, part of the writers’ plan to keep Dyson in the game, but I’m hoping we’ll start seeing Lauren as more of an equal partner in the relationship again soon.

Til next week!

Best Quote:
Trick: “So. Many. Glasses… Must. Polish.”

Things to Ponder

  • Faux!Kenzie was trying to isolate Bo. Is that something unique to that particular kind of fae, or was that part of a larger plan?
  • In the same vein, why would she try to push Bo away from Trick and Lauren, but not Dyson? Intentional, or did that scene end up on the cutting room floor?


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