Jason Momoa and John Cena Join ‘Killer Vacation’ Movie

Jason Momoa and John Cena

Jason Momoa and John Cena have signed on to the upcoming action-comedy Killer Vacation. Deadline first reported the news about the new Warner Brothers project this week, noting that Mark and Brian Gunn have authored the script and John Rickard and Peter Safran are producing.

Details on the flick are still scarce. IMDB Pro doesn’t even have the project listed for either actor at the moment. Though, it will be exciting for fans of both actors to see them come together in the new project.

Jason Momoa
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Jason Momoa Update

Momoa, 43, recently filmed the follow-up to 2018’s Aquaman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which will premiere in theaters on Christmas Day 2023. And while Momoa has no shortage of work on his schedule, appearing next as Dante in Fast X, he tells press that he’ll plan Aquaman for as long as fans are interested.

“As long as we can. If people don’t like it and it feels like it’s past its due date, then we won’t make another one,” Momoa tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But if they love it, then we will make more, you know. I don’t want to force anything down someone’s throat to watch it. But I love it.”

Momoa actually had a role in writing the script for the upcoming sequel. And he has admitted that he feels a deep connection to the part.

“We wrote a great story. I was one of the writers on it. And the minute we finished (‘Aquaman’), I went in with a 50-page outline for the second one. And they used it, and they liked it. It’s got my heart in it,” Momoa adds. “I feel very connected to the character and have played him across, what, four movies now?”

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The film has been met with a number of delays, the latest placing it with a late 2023 release date. However, Momoa is unconcerned about the timing, as he’s confident that fans will love the flick. Additionally, he’s also very thankful to Tom Cruise and Top Gun: Maverick for bringing people back into the theater after COVID-19.

 “We killed it. We made something amazing. And it’ll come out when it’s meant to come out,” Momoa notes. “The nice thing about what’s happened with COVID is that everyone is trying to rush to meet these deadlines. But we know it should come out when it’s ready to come out (at a time) when everybody is getting back in the movie theatres. So, thank you, Tom Cruise.”

John Cena arrives for the CinemaCon Awards
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John Cena Update

Meanwhile, John Cena, 45, is returning for the second season of HBO Max’s Peacemaker, which will return in 2023. He’s also in post-production on a number of films that are expected to debut in 2023, including Snafu with Jackie Chan and Argylle with Henry Cavill.

Cena is currently filming the action-comedy Die Hart 2 with Kevin Hart and the comedy Honeymoon Friends.

So, as you can see, there’ll be no shortage of films from Jason Momoa and John Cena to watch before Killer Vacation premieres! Are you excited to see these two on the big screen together? Sound off with your thoughts in our comment section below.


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