‘Being Human’ 3.06 Episode Review and Recap: What’s Blood Got To Do With It

The house is getting a little crowded on this week’s Being Human!

From the original three, we seem to have acquired a number of other residents in the house, temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. I’d say Max counts as a temporary resident, as he and Sally seem to be in the “practically living together” honeymoon phase. Regardless, with Nora, Erin, and Max spending lots of time in the house, and Sally being all corporeal again, things are getting more than a little crowded, especially with Erin testing her teenage boundaries.

Aidan’s spending a lot of time at home, since he’s avoiding going back to the hospital and facing the confrontation with Kenny. Finally, he gives in and heads to work. As it turns out, he needn’t have worried. Kenny the Ever Genre-Savvy is more than cool with Aidan’s little sunlight problem. He offers to let Aidan feed freely and has a million questions about vampirism. Anyone who watched Buffy back in the day knows where this is going. Kenny wants to stop being a Bubble Boy and start un-living, and so asks Aidan to turn him. Aidan’s still on the fence, but Kenny gives him an ultimatum. Kenny’s breaking the bubble when he turns 18, whether he’s a newly-turned vampire or not.

Meanwhile, one of Sally’s worse fears is coming true. Her little brother Robbie shows up at the house, claiming to be the new landlord. Sally does everything she can to avoid him seeing her, only to run right into him at 2am on the street corner. Robbie’s not actually the new landlord. He’s been kicked out by their father and needs money on his way to Florida. Sally is absolutely devastated and storms the soup kitchen to get Donna to save him from her curse. Donna agrees to lift the curse, not only on Robbie, but on everyone. The price tag, however, is Sally’s soul. To save her little brother, Sally promises her soul to Donna. This can’t end pretty, but at least Robbie is now safely on his way south.

Back on the wolf side of the house, it looks like Liam’s long game is finally starting to play out. He brought Erin back to be his mole and instructs her to poison Aidan’s blood supply with her own. It works, and the last thing we see is Erin standing over a weakened, bleeding Aidan with a stake.

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with flashback episodes. While I’ve stopped finding “five years ago on the island” interesting (I’m looking at you both, Lost and Arrow), I’ll gleefully watch a good period episode more than once. All the better when it actually works as part of the storyline and isn’t just an excuse for the costumers to go play in the warehouse (or Forever 21, Vampire Diaries). The vampire origin story always comes up sooner or later, and the decision whether or not to turn Kenny was certainly a good frame for telling Aidan’s.

I have to say, the Kenny storyline is probably my favorite of the those going on at the moment. We seem to have given up on finding a cure for the vampire plague, Sally and Max have settled into a cute/awkward couplehood, and the Laws of Storytelling say that Liam’s living on borrowed time, now that he’s on a crusade to kill one of the major characters. Honestly, my real interest on the werewolf side of things is where Nora’s loyalties will eventually lie. She’s not exactly Team Aidan, and she’s embraced the wolf side of her nature far more than Josh ever did. I’m eager to see how this is going to play out.

Best Quotes:
Aidan: “These aren’t the shields to the Starship Enterprise, Kenny. I can break through glass.”

Josh: “Everything is so My So-Called Life with her.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Was Sally’s soul Donna’s endgame all along, or is she just going to nosh on it like she did Trent’s?
  • Given the way TV works, now that Kenny’s declared his plans for his 18th birthday, who else is willing to bet that he won’t be seeing it?
  • Here’s a small ‘ouch’ moment for you: Erin was born three years after My So-Called Life was officially cancelled.


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  1. I agree that the Kenny storyline is the most intriguing. I LOVE the flashback scenes (LOST and Arrow included) 😉
    Josh seems to get the best lines. Loved the My So-called Life line which was a great show.

  2. Josh definitely gets the best one-liners. It’s like he’s just one big, snarky pop-culture reference, and we love him for it! 🙂

    I’ll work on liking the island flashbacks again. Arrow island scenes were really good this week!