‘Lost Girl’ 3.06 Episode Review and Recap: The Kenzie Scale

Kenzie just needs a friend on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

Well, I say Kenzie, but what I mean is Faux!Kenzie. Bo drags the protesting doppelganger down to the Dal, but once Faux!Kenzie says that Bo’s killing again, it’s the succubus who winds up in the Dal’s holding cell. I’d ask why a bar has a holding cell, but frankly, it kind of makes sense.

Not one of our intrepid heroes is buying Bo’s story, not even her girlfriend. Lauren’s investigations lead her and Trick to an important, if unrelated, discovery about what’s been going on with Bo. While they’re trying to keep Bo imprisoned, Tamsin notices Faux!Kenzie acting, as it’s put later in the episode, cray-cray. She lets Bo out and agrees to help her find the real Kenzie. Tam recognizes Bo’s description of the Kenzie demon as a kitsune, who evidently congregate in Canadian sorority houses. Faux!Kenzie is a particularly Carrie-esque young kitsune named Inari, and she only wants a friend (in a Misery kind of way).

A friend, and a piece of Dyson’s Kit-Kat bar, as it were. Dyson’s big moment of revelation comes around the time that a half-naked Inari straddles him and licks his face. When he finds himself on the business end of his own gun, he accidentally kills the still-disguised Inari. He calls Lauren in to make certain that what he killed is neither Kenzie nor still alive, leading to Lauren’s understanding that Bo was right all along.

Tam, Dyson, and Bo all head to Inari’s hideout, where Kenzie has been kept leashed for three days. The rescue team gets her back to the Dal, where Trick is waiting with information about Bo’s current state of mind. The blackouts and kills are signs that Bo is starting to go through The Dawning, a fae rite of passage. Bo should have had 200 years to prepare for this, but something’s triggered it early. If she doesn’t pass, she’ll devolve into an animalistic under-fae.

Some time ago, we were lucky enough to be in on a conference call with the cast of Lost Girl. They mentioned that this episode was definitely one of the their favorites this season, and I can see why. It’s always fun to see one actor playing two different versions of the same character. On top of that, Bo’s relationships with the entire gang (minus the still conspicuously absent Hale) get challenged, making for some good drama.

I know Team Dyson fans had to be cheering left, right, and center over Bo’s “I will never forgive you for this.” That was still a pretty warm smile at episode’s end, though. Never may not be quite as long as some fans might hope. On the other hand, now Bo knows that Kenzie went to the Norn. I’m sure she’ll be asking for an explanation once her BFF is conscious again.

Best Quotes:
Tamsin: “So sorry your friend turned crazy psycho bitch.”

Kenzie: “If you’re going to rip off my look, at least respect the Kenzie brand!”

Things to Ponder:

  • So no repercussions at all for the two dead fae? It’s all good now that we know Bo’s going through The Dawning?
  • For that matter, it looked to me like Tamsin whammied the little coma fae to death and the Morrigan knew it. Nothing happening there, either?
  • My two whole semesters of college Japanese left me with the understanding that, ye gods and little fishes, “kitsune” has three syllables!


  1. great episode. i can’t believe it took everyone so long to catch on to the fact that was a fake kenzi.. at least Bo knew the truth!! so now does the real kenzi have light fae powers now?

  2. Y’know, I wasn’t sure about that. The kitsune made it sound like she took her powers back, but I guess we’ll find out soon!

  3. i know she was going after kenzi because she was the one that spilled the bottle that had her powers locked in it. but i wasn’t sure if she actually got them back or not..

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