‘Being Human’ 3.07 Episode Review and Recap: One Is Silver And The Other Pagan

Things are coming to a head on this week’s episode of Being Human!

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Aidan was bleeding from the eyes while a stake-wielding teenage werewolf was standing menacingly over him. When Erin tries to make her Slayer move, Aidan shoves her off of him and into a wall, knocking her completely out. Liam, who’s been behind this entire move, sees Josh head back to the house and aborts his part of the vampire-killing mission.

At the hospital, Erin isn’t doing well, but there’s every chance she’ll make a full recovery, what with those werewolf healing powers and all. Nora’s not buying Aidan’s self-defense story and tells him that if Erin dies, “it’s on him.” Josh is a little more open to Aidan’s interpretation of things, but his peacemaker skills are focusing primarily on his girlfriend.

While Nora and Josh are keeping watch on Erin, Aidan is left to deal with the plumbing problems of Nora’s pretty tenant, Kat. (Yes, I realize how that just sounded. Only the adorably awkward acting kept those scenes from being exactly what they were set up to be.) Nora finds out, though, and angrily warns Aidan to stay the hell away from her best friend and her not-actually-adopted daughter.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kenny has a new vampire friend, Blake. She’s promised Kenny immortality in exchange for blood, but she’s not exactly being nice about it. When she starts taking too much (and monologuing, to boot), Aidan gets her banned from the hospital and promises to turn Kenny himself, if only to save him from Blake’s brand of sire bond.

Meanwhile, Sally’s trying to clear out some of her own baggage now that she’s visible and non-lethal to her old friends. She meets up with Bridget (remember Bridget? Sally’s old best friend and the woman who was going to marry Sally’s murderous fiance?), who has a new ‘do and a new religion. Bridget talks Sally into coming to her Wiccan circle, which seems more seance-y than anything else. Ghosts are showing up, to be sure, but not the ghosts that are being called. Sally dispels the creeper ghosts and tells Bridget to move on, giving her Zoe’s soul lock for protection.

To round out the episode, Erin is finally waking up and feeling a little better when she gets a visit from Liam, who’s acting a little less Papa Wolf than he had been before. He tells her that it’s time to “serve the will of the pack,” then smothers her like she was Desdemona on opening night. On his way out of the hospital, he runs into a rather terrified Blake, who tells him that a purebred-killing vampire lives near here and is loads scarier than he is. Liam, being occasionally able to do math, reasons out that Aidan is the one who killed one or both of his kids. The excrement hath hitteth the fan-eth.

This episode definite dialed up the drama for two out of our three major storylines. We already pretty much knew that Liam was a Bad Guy, but now we know he’s a Bad Guy Zealot, and that teenager-killing fanaticism definitely gives him a +2 creepy modifier. Nora’s still pretty consistently failing her Sense Motive checks, regardless. What concerns me more, though, is that Josh seems to have turned a corner in the whole werewolf vs. vampire issue. He’s certainly no longer choosing his bro over his ho- pefully soon-to-be fiancee. Either way, there’s a crisis coming next episode, and I want to see which way Josh is going to turn when it’s time to put his money where his mouth is.

Speaking of the new Aidan vs. Nora dynamic, I’m interested to know what was running through Aidan’s head when he asked out Kat. I’ll grant that there was a connection there, but after Nora’s warning, that seems like a deliberately antagonistic move on Aidan’s part. The other angle on this, and my personal theory, is that with Nora having effectively written him off, Aidan’s decided to give up on trying to be in her good graces. Maybe Nora’s not the only one who’s going to be asking Josh to make a choice in the near future.

Best Quote:
Blake: “Why on earth would I need to compel a 17-year-old boy? I’m the first scrubs-free woman he’s seen in years.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So I’m guessing Sally is no longer quite so sure about that “not-a-zombie” thing. Think the same thing is happening to Stevie and Nick?
  • Seriously, when is Nora going to wake up and get off the commune? The guy on The Cult is less creepifying than Liam.


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  1. LOL i agree on both accounts.. Nora needs to realize that Liam isn’t the saint that she thinks he is, and that Aiden isn’t the Devil either. .. i really hope that Sally is ok and that she doesn’t go completely bald