‘Being Human’ 3.09 Episode Review and Recap: Of Mice And Wolfmen

Talk about a turnaround! Who saw this episode of Being Human coming?

So when we last left our intrepid heroes, nobody was in particularly good shape. Josh was angsting about being re-wolfed, Aidan was dying of the vampire plague, and Sally was slowly decomposing without telling anyone. Whee!

Nora’s wolf-night seems to have passed relatively incident-free, but the morning brings a special surprise. Nora has a new wolf buddy, Pete, who seems to be as granola and New-Age-y as a werewolf can conceivably be. When she gets home, Josh breaks the news about his re-wolfing, Aidan’s plague, and what Aidan did for her at Liam’s. She’s noticeably chagrined.

Aidan wants one last normal day, so he heads in to the hospital. There’s a rather touching goodbye scene with Kenny, which is surprisingly almost incidental next to the reconciliation with Nora. Aidan isn’t looking so good, so Nora sends him home and covers the rest of his shift. When she comes home, she brings Kat with her as a peace offering. It’s really rather adorable, but Aidan’s vamp fever is causing him to hallucinate about his late wife, Susannah.

Meanwhile, Sally has gone out to see Zoe. It turns out that Nick is getting weird and a little scary. Sally swings by to check on him, and they admit their new dietary choices: live animals. Nick’s okay with it, but Sally isn’t so much yet. A pet shop window makes her frighteningly hungry, and she understandably flips out a bit.

Kat’s gone home for the evening, but her place in the guest roster has been filled by Pete, who drops by unexpectedly with chili, blackberry wine, and a rather miraculous garlic tea for Aidan. It turns out that not all werewolves hate vampires so much. Pete’s full of good advice, including meditation for calming one’s wolf. Nora doesn’t say much, but it seems to work surprisingly well for Josh.

Once the soothing garlic tea is out of Aidan’s system, he goes into a terrifying, blood-spewing seizure, a new symptom of the plague virus. Once he’s through that, though, it looks like everything’s okay again. Aidan quickly recovers, and the team puzzles out the fact that his fever-seizure looked exactly like werewolf-blood-seizures. Werewolf blood, therefore, must be the cure for the disease. Plague solved! Aidan’s got a new lease on life, and he decides not to waste another minute. He heads to the local university and plants a big, smacking kiss on Kat.

Sally, on the other hand, has decided not to renew that same lease. She recognizes the slippery slope of flesh-eating, and believes that living isn’t worth being that kind of danger to everyone else. It seems that she’s justified in her belief, as the last scene of the show heavily implies that Nick has escalated from noshing on stray cats to noshing on live-in girlfriends.

Oh Being Human, how I love thee. What a rollercoaster this episode was! Everyone was at their lowest last episode, and now suddenly everything’s beer and skittles. Well, okay, with the exception of Sally, who’s now decided to just go die quietly in a corner. I give that resolution all of a week before it’s out the window. Seriously, though. Aidan’s cured and wearing his Badass Sunglasses again, Josh is at one with his spirit wolf, and Nora stopped being a raging b**** (except for part where she’s still a female wolf, so technically you could still call her a- oh never mind.)

Frankly, I expected these resolutions to take a few more episodes. We were set up for a good “fix it” story arc that I really thought might take us through the rest of the season. Based on this episode and a few interviews floating around out there, my guess now is that the remaining episodes are going to be pretty Sally-focused. Aidan and Josh are both in pretty good places. She’s the only one left in dire circumstances. What think you?

Best Quote:
Josh: “May I ask what inspired you to invite one of our only muggle friends over during this particularly supernatural time?”

Aidan: “We shouldn’t have to run scared from wolves anymore.”

Things to Ponder:

  • I’m guessing Aidan telling Blake about the cure is going to backfire, but how? Think they’ll bring back the were-hippie just to have him get taken out by vampires?
  • Also, I must have misheard Liam last week and Aidan wasn’t injected with Nora’s blood. What I couldn’t tell was whether he said “horse blood” or “whore’s blood.” Given the nature of the series, I can’t even tell which one is more likely.
  • Does Blake give anyone else a screaming wiggins? She’s giving off the same creepy zealot vibe that Liam has been, which triggers my Spidey-sense left, right, and center.


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  1. This was definitely a game changer episode. Agree that it looks like the beginning of the end for Sally….again. Zoe was right to be afraid!

    Pete seems like a good guy. Wonder if he’s had any encounters with Liam. Also thought Josh meditating at the end was a cool scene.

    Looking forward to next week’s ep!

  2. Yeah, it looked to me like Zoe’s not long for this world, and the previews for next week seem to indicate that Stevie’s having similar issues. I think Monday’s ep is going to be pretty awesome!

  3. things look bad for sally once again.. if she dies (again) wonder what that witch lady is going to do with her soul? (will she take stevie and nick’s too?)