‘Being Human’ 3.10 Episode Review and Recap: For Those About To Rot

There’s a mystery in town on this week’s Being Human!

Well, another mystery, to be precise, and one we don’t find out about until near the end of the episode, so let’s dive in.

To set your mind at ease if you’re only reading the recaps, it looks like Zoe’s still alive and kicking. She calls Sally in a panic and asks her to come over. Sally arrives to see Nick laid out on the floor next to a bloody baseball bat. Any ambiguity over his state of being is quickly laid to rest when Nick’s ghost flashes in. He forgives Zoe for the whole “killing him in self-defense” thing and warns both Sally and Zoe about Sally’s coming hunger. She’s going to be a danger to everyone soon, and Zoe should stay far, far away. The warning is enough to trigger Nick’s door. He moves on and Zoe kicks Sally out.

Sally’s worried that she’s not the only potential zombie left, so she and Josh go look up Stevie. He’s living at his parents’ place again, which would be problematic if revealing his undeath hadn’t killed them a couple of weeks ago. The real issue now is that Stevie ended up making frozen dinners out of first them, then the mailman. He knows things are going downhill fast and wants to end it all, but hasn’t been able to bring himself to do it. He begs Josh and Sally for their help. Sally refuses outright, but Josh agrees after Stevie demonstrates that he’s too far gone to keep it together even around the two of them. Josh sends Sally out of the room. When he comes back in to where she’s waiting, Stevie’s ghost is there, too. Stevie thanks both of them and tells them that this was the only way. His moment of acceptance triggers his startlingly familiar door. Sally doesn’t recognize it until Stevie’s already through, but it’s the exact same door that Nick went through. Seeing as how everyone’s door is different, that’s a pretty major red flag.

On the B storyline, Aidan’s been sleepwalking a bit and having more flashbacks about his human wife, Susannah. This time, it’s about the trouble they had carrying on the Waite family line. Aidan’s faith is challenged by miscarriages and a jerk of a village pastor. His faith is restored by the birth of the healthy son we saw a few episodes back. Aidan’s memories of that time lead to a second-date overshare with Kat. They run into an ex of hers who used to be one of her old college professors. In the sharing of that particular backstory, Kat admits that one of the reasons they broke up was that she wanted a family. Aidan admits that he won’t be able to give her that family himself. They decide that the future family discussion can be put off in favor of, shall we say, practicing family-making just for the heck of it. I assume by the fade to black that a fun time was had by all, but it wouldn’t be Being Human without a twist. Aidan’s sleepwalking has evidently turned to sleep-eating, as he wakes up in an alleyway yet again, this time not far from the body of Kat’s creepy ex. Another mystery to be solved next week!

To start with the least important reaction to the episode and work my way up: Man, I hate being right about losing a character. We all knew that Pete wasn’t long for this world once Aidan told Blake about the cure, but I was hoping to get in a few more were-hippie episodes. I have to applaud the foreshadowing of Josh calling his werewolf mentor “Obi-wan,” though. Well done, there.

Reaction number two: allow me to reiterate my love of period flashbacks. I almost want Aidan’s past to be a spin-off at this point. Love triangles, upcoming major historical event, could be very Downton Abbey. I think there’s enough material there. Make this happen, Syfy!

Back to the actual show, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m absolutely loving Josh’s current character arc. I feel like he’s been on damage control since the series started, but now he’s taking some control back. I may grow to miss Josh’s signature lost puppy expression, but his new understanding that “this is who [he is] now” is a fantastic turning point for this character. I’m really excited to see where the writers take this from here on out.

Best Quote:
Josh: “…and I pop out of it to find Obi-wan the Werewolf offering me a hot beverage and baked goods!”
Pete: “Do you want a cookie?”
Josh: “Yes, I do!”

Things to Ponder:

  • So obviously there’s the door thing. Did Nick and Stevie go to a special zombie purgatory, or does that door lead back to the evil witch lady? For that matter, did the same thing happen to Stevie’s parents?
  • Theories on Aidan’s sleep-feeding? Noshing on Kat’s skeezy ex can’t have just been coincidence.


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  1. Great recap. I too enjoy watching the flashbacks especially Aidan’s history. I’m thinking the boy isn’t his since he can’t have kids.

    Sorry to see Pete go but like you said, he wasn’t going to last too long. Think Josh will confront Aidan about the “don’t attack Josh and his gf…that was part of the deal” line from the vampires attacking Pete.
    As for Sally, I think the “same door” is definitely the witch lady’s way of gathering their souls.