‘Lost Girl’ 3.09 Episode Review and Recap: The Ceremony Recap and Review

Another fae is Dawning on this week’s Lost Girl!

Okay, that tagline was only clever if you’ve heard Cats, but it made me giggle. To the recap!

With Bo’s invitation to the Dawning officially delivered and passed, it’s time for the ceremony itself. Everyone meets at the Dal to get this underway. Bo is informed that she’s not allowed to bring a weapon into the temple unless she chooses an alignment. She still refuses, so Dyson volunteers to be her Hand. No one seems willing to fully explain what that means, but it’s clearly a pretty major happening. Trick bestows Bo with a sigil to remind her of who she is in the temple. Then it’s time to enter the portal (which is heavily reminiscent of the wormhole from Sliders.

It turns out that the reference is apt. The Caretaker of the temple tells Bo and Dyson that Bo’s one task in the Dawning is to find her way home. To get out, they need to have the key in hand. The two of them go off chasing a Guardian/demon-fae who presumably has the key. In the process of giving the Guardian a heavy beatdown, Dyson gets injured, which leads to an admittedly adorable and gut-wrenching heart-to-heart about where the two of them stand. Dyson knows that Bo is with Lauren and happy, but he says that he and Bo will revisit the subject “in a hundred years, when things are different,” implying that he’s willing to wait until Lauren’s mortal life runs its course.

Bo finds a key that pulls her away from Dyson and into a strange alternate reality. Bo is now a cop. Lauren is her partner, but only her work partner. Trick is the Chief of Police. Kenzie is a witness that Bo should be protecting, but can’t. Tamsin is Bo’s eerily-perky neighbor. Dyson, as indicated by the episode’s cold open, is Bo’s husband. Everything seems pretty hunky-dory, with the exception of Bo being on antipsychotics and Tamsin pruning her own fingers more than the hedges. Bo’s symptoms of devolving manifest themselves as a pregnancy, but Dyson is eventually able to see through it and realize that the key wasn’t within the Guardian; it’s within him. Bo is forced to kill him to leave the temple, and is told by the Caretaker that being the Hand is always a one-way trip. It’s just the rules. Bo decides that rule-breaking is her signature personality trait and manages to get Dyson out with her by drawing her sigil in his blood.

Bo and Dyson are out of the temple and back in the Dal, but Dyson is still wrestling with that whole “being dead” thing. Bo goes back to the dark place that she went to last season, sucks the chi out of everyone in the room and brings Dyson back to life. Oddly, everyone seems pretty okay with that, despite her saying things like “Only I will choose who lives,” and “I will reign as He did.” Regardless, Bo has successfully survived her rite of passage. Party! Trick seems a little worried, though. Not so much about the deep-voiced, possibly-planning-to-release-hell-on-earth entity that his granddaughter can become at the drop of a werewolf, but about the Wanderer thing. The plot, she thickens.

So that was The Dawning, huh? Neat. Now can we get back to the fae-of-the-week stories that seem to be Lost Girl‘s strong suit? For all the buildup we’ve seen surrounding this ceremony, I feel like the actual event was a let-down. It seemed like more of an excuse to get Bo to go all super-saiyan and work in another handful of Wanderer references for kicks.

I love you, Lost Girl, I do, but it’s time to get back to our roots. I need Hale back, I need a wolfy Dyson again, and for the love of all that is fae, bring back the little PI agency that Kenzie and Bo had going for a while there. Make the Wanderer a Bad Wolf thing, where the references aren’t important until they are, and let’s get fun and episodic again.

Best Quotes:
Kenzie: “Where’s the Acme company when you need them?”

Dyson: “I’m just a wolf, standing in front of a succubus…”

Things to Ponder:

  • Was there a plotline about the lingerie model that got cut from the script, but not from the planned camera shots? It looked like she was going to be important, but they never actually referenced her.
  • It seems that The Dawning is not the big, bad, full-season story arc we thought, but we got several references to The Wanderer this episode. Theories?
  • I still want to know if Kenzie’s got a fae thing going on or what. Did the kitsune (kit-soo-nay, people. Add that last syllable!) actually take her powers back entirely, or what?


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