‘Lost Girl’ 3.10 Episode Review and Recap: Delinquents

Bo and Kenzie check in to Summer Camp on this episode of Lost Girl!

Delinquent teens at summer camp have found themselves smack in the middle of a fae-driven horror movie. Kids who go in the woods don’t come out again (cue ominous music). Dyson gets Bo and Kenzie to go undercover at the camp, Bo as a counselor and Kenzie as a fellow delinquent. Big shock there. Bo’s eager beaver attitude does nothing to endear her to the jaded kids, but Kenzie manages to blend in pretty quickly. It turns out that the kids are being taken pretty much at random. Even Jolene, a forest fae attached to the grounds of the camp, isn’t sure who’s behind the killings.

Or is she? Lauren manages to Skype in and tell Bo and Dyson that what they’re dealing with is a Tikbalang, a kind of hunter fae that first marks its victims with caltrops, then goes in for the kill. They also tend to look remarkably like innocent-seeming forest fae named Jolene. Who knew? Dyson, Kenzie, and Bo manage to subdue Jolene by cutting her mane. They get the remaining kids out of the camp and to Bo’s place for safe-keeping. Of course, it can’t be that simple. Jolene, like so many horror movie villains, wasn’t working alone. Nelson, one of the camp’s more outspoken troubled teens, has been helping her along the whole time. He goes after Lauren in her own home and is only stopped just in the nick of time by Bo. Lauren is grateful for the intervention, but ultimately just too “tired” of the entire fae world. She asks Bo for a break, with the heavy subtext of it being more like a break-up. Bo is heart-broken and heads sadly for home.

Meanwhile, on the B-side plotline, Tamsin has troubles of her own. An old Valkyrie friend, Acacia, shows up with a message: “he” knows that Tam has found The Wanderer and wants her to “finish the job.” Acacia gives Tam a rune glass to fill with one hair from someone Bo loves, two from someone Bo trusts, and three from Bo herself. Tamsin starts down the path, but decides not to go through with it and throws the rune glass away after fetching a couple of hairs from Dyson’s place. Acacia is not amused, and evidently neither is whoever they’re working for. Tam receives the rune glass back in a shipped package, along with Acacia’s severed hand. Message duly received, Tam picks her hair hunt back up, collecting one hair from Lauren and three from Bo. With the rune glass complete and some mysterious power breathing down Tamsin’s neck, we can only guess what she’s planning on doing next.

If Lost Girl weren’t already running at least a week ahead in Canada (and if it didn’t take more than a week to get an episode written, produced, and on the air), I’d think someone on staff was reading my reviews. All hail the return of the Fae-of-the-Week! To me, this episode was much more enjoyable than the ones in the last several weeks. Even better, we still get hints of something major going on, but not at the expense of watching the Scooby Gang solve their weekly mystery. Huzzah!

I have to give a nod of respect to Team Lauren fans. They’re going through a tough time right now, what with the “break” and all. It’s okay, guys. We’ve been told a number of times that the love triangle is at the heart of the series, so Doccubus shippers (yes, that’s the unofficial portmanteau. I looked it up.) may only need to hang in there a while until the pendulum swings back their way again. Before that, however, how long do you think we’ll be waiting before Dyson swoops in? There are only a handful of episodes left in this season of Lost Girl, so if it isn’t soon, Team Dyson is going to have quite a wait on their hands. (I tried to look up the Bo/Dyson portmanteau, but no dice. All I’ve got are Bison and Bosun. I’m open for suggestions.)

Best Quote:
Kenzie: “I am like their Che Guevara!”

Things to Ponder:
• Okay, so I really want to know what Tamsin’s involved in. I got the impression that her mission was about more than just her being a Valkyrie. Who is it that’s really pulling the strings here?
• Was anyone else expecting “someone she trusts” to be Kenzie? I know Bo trusts Dyson and all, but it seemed to me like Kenzie would have been the more obvious choice.


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  1. yeah i thought kenzi too, those two has always had each others backs…. as for tamsin.. her storyline is getting more interesting.. who is she working for and why do they want bo so badly..?