‘Lost Girl’ 3.11 Episode Recap and Review: Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Don’t tell Bo the babysitter’s dead on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

We’ve got three distinct plot lines this week, so let’s break them down one by one.

A suburban babysitter, Lisa, is living out half a dozen slasher movie tropes, including dead employers and the call coming from inside the house, so she seeks out the help of Bo and Kenzie. The girls take the case and move to Shady Grove, where people have been mysteriously disappearing left, right, and center. Bo and Kenzie ingratiate themselves to the Stepford Book Club, consisting of Caroline, Eleanor, Susan, and a whole lot of margaritas. Bo overhears Eleanor telling Caroline that she wants a “break” from the book club, but Caroline is rather insistent that they need her. Nothing ominous about that, right? Regardless, suspicion falls on Bo and Kenzie’s new neighbor, Sam, who’s been seen peeking in the windows.

Surprising no one, Eleanor shows up dead not long after her conversation with Caroline. What does catch you off guard is sweet, innocent Lisa holding the knife. Lisa’s a duppy. A dead soul who can be summoned as a killing machine once every hundred years. Now the girls just need to figure out who summoned her. Bo chi-terrogates Sam, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s clueless. Caroline sees her doing it, though, and invites her to join their “circle.” Caroline and Susan are witches, and Caroline’s next target is Sam. Bo manages to use suburban clique politics to turn Susan against Caroline and break the circle, which gets Lisa off Sam’s (and new babysitter Kenzie’s) tail. Susan gets possessed by that dark-Bo voice we’ve been hearing all season, which tells Bo how ridiculously powerful she’s going to be. The circle breaks, and Susan and Caroline burn into ash. Bo offers her protection to Lisa, but Lisa knows that she could be used to kill again and again. She asks Bo to lay her to rest by sucking the rest of her chi and burning her talisman, which Bo reluctantly does.

In other news, Hale has sent a new fae to Dyson and Tam. Anita is the twin sister of Riley, the dead fae found outside Bo’s apartment at the beginning of the season. Dyson investigates further and finds that the fae who killed Riley had six fingers. He decides to check out the original crime scene, a field some distance from Bo’s place. When he and Tam get there, Dyson smells death. Lots of it. Digging uncovers several fae bodies, including an Egyptian fae with six fingers and a feeding pattern much like that of a succubus. Dyson and Tamsin come to the conclusion that someone is killing fae, and that someone seems to be watching the proceedings through a camera hidden in a nearby tree.

Lauren, in the meantime, is having trouble of her own. Isaac, her colleague from the awards dinner, is still pestering her about coming to work for him. He’s done some major digging and discovered that Lauren isn’t who she says she is. Her real name is Karen Beattie, and she’s a fugitive from something (or someone). He’s still willing to give her a job, though. Lauren asks Hale for a sabbatical, which he abruptly refuses, saying that she has to remain under his “protection.” Lauren’s had just about enough of the fae brand of protection, though. She accepts Isaac’s offer, packs a suitcase, and leaves her Ash necklace, her phone (a BlackBerry, Lauren? Really?), and her apartment in the dust.

I feel like I just watched two different episodes. This week’s A story, Bo and Kenzie in the ‘burbs, was a fun, fae-of-the-week romp with slasher flick cliches thrown in for kicks. The B and C stories, Tam and Dyson’s murder investigation and Lauren’s new life choices, were both better examples of what Lost Girl can do when it wants to delve into longer story arcs. We know now that Hale’s in kind of a dark place, Lauren’s willing to risk it all to get out from under his thumb, and someone’s quietly killing a whole lot of fae.

I’ve never exactly been Team Lauren, and now it looks like she’s out of the picture for good, but is she? Is she really? The head of a major research company practically stalks her, offers her a job several times, is willing to overlook the fact that she’s a fugitive (from what??), and blithely accepts the fact that leaving her current job involves sneaking out of her apartment in the middle of the night with only one suitcase. I call shenanigans. Something’s not right with Isaac. I just don’t know what yet.

I’m interested in this new development in the fae murder investigation, but I have a couple of reservations. First off, getting Bo off the hook seemed a little easy. I find it a little hard to believe that Dyson, who was trying so hard to figure out how it couldn’t have been Bo, would have missed the bruise pattern on the victim’s neck. Second, looking at it from a point entirely outside the series, there are only two episodes left in the season. With this, the Wanderer, and Bo’s father all coming into play, I feel like they’re not going to make this “killing field” plot into as awesome a story as I’m hoping. Looks like we’ll find out one way or another next week!

Best Quote:
Ethan: “You just said the b-word, the a-word, and ginger!”

Susan: “I hate stupid book club and gluten-free bread and killing innocent people!”

Things to Ponder:

  • Not that they’ve made a ton of effort to play this one close to the vest, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that the deep, scary, dark-succubus voice is Bo’s dad, and has something to do with the Wanderer thing. Your thoughts?
  • I still want to know who’s pulling Tam’s strings. Also, who’s hunting fae (which I assume we’ll find out next week).
  • There will come a day when a character will be able to wear purple gloves on any show and I won’t automatically assume that they somehow work for Warehouse 13. But it is not THIS day!


  1. Hey, Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Alphas were all in the same universe. I’m willing to believe that Lost Girl is hanging out somewhere around there, too. 🙂

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