‘Being Human’ 3.12 Episode Review and Recap: Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive

Weddings and showdowns on this week’s episode of Being Human!

It’s Josh and Nora’s big day! Josh is a little bummed that Emily hasn’t gotten back in touch, and Sally is a little bummed that she’s, well, dying. Nora and Aidan are pretty gung-ho, though. Aidan has the living room decorated, chuppah and all, and is working on catering the wedding brunch. It’s really a ridiculously adorable scene. Nora’s also invited Kat to the wedding. Kat and Aidan are super-awkward with each other, after that whole “Aidan running out into the cold night after the first time they slept together” incident. Nora’s surprisingly super-supportive of both of them, and they manage to work things out rather swimmingly.

Upstairs, things aren’t so great. Sally’s deterioration has accelerated, and it’s just about time. Nora sends Kat home while the trio figure out what to do next. Both Aidan and Josh, with Nora’s support, decide to go through Sally’s door when the time comes. Nora brings Sally a mall’s worth of potential death outfits, stating that ghost Sally is going to be haunting in style. There’s an absolutely heart-wrenching scene in which Aidan, Josh, and Nora stand watch over Sally as she’s about to pass, and then Sally’s time has come, along with Donna’s door.

Aidan arms himself with Sally’s unbeating heart, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone else, including the audience. Josh, Sally, and Aidan are initially separated when they walk through the door, possibly into some interesting foreshadowing scenes: Josh with his angry wolf and Aidan with a vamped-out Isaac. When all three of the trio arrive in the run-down, psychic version of Donna’s soup kitchen, they run into Roy. Josh sends Aidan and Sally on, fighting and eventually killing Roy. Again.

Aidan and Sally confront Donna. Alana’s spell makes her appear ancient, but doesn’t do much else. In a last ditch effort, Aidan throws Sally’s heart into Donna’s mystical fire. Donna bursts into flame, but only for a moment before she passes that flame onto Sally. Sally tells the boys she loves them and is then killed by Donna. Donna inhales the Sally-dust to become young again, but it seems she underestimated the Power of Sally. She begins to glow from the inside and then explodes, throwing Aidan, Josh, and a reconstituted Sally back home, where they shakily begin to celebrate.

The gang decides to push the wedding back until after the next full moon, but Emily shows up and is having none of this foolishness. She accepts Josh and his friends for who they are, then marches everyone inside and into their formalwear. Josh and Nora marry in a tiny but touching ceremony, then head off to their honeymoon.

All is not quite well in paradise, though. Candles flare up in front of Sally, Kenny is looking distinctly like a vampire from Buffy instead of retaining his human face, and Liam shows up at the honeymoon cabin. There’s a bad moon on the rise next week!

Knowing the Internet as I claim to, I knew going into the episode that the chances of Sally actually dying for good (i.e., leaving the series). That didn’t keep me from getting rather sniffly during her “deathbed vigil.” Or the wedding scene. Shut up, it was allergies. Really. I’m allergic to emotions. Needed a Claritin for the first twenty minutes of Up.

So yeah, there was definitely some heartstring-tugging. I have to admit, I didn’t quite get the point of having Roy show up. I realize that there was a loose end to tie up from the beginning of the season, but given the way this episode played out, I’m not really sure why that end was there to begin with. It didn’t seem to serve much point other than to separate Josh from the rest of the party for the Final Boss Battle.

That being said, good heavens, I loved this episode. I laughed, I cried. It was better than Cats. And this wasn’t even the season finale! Can’t wait to see what they pull out of their hat for next week…

Best Quotes:
Josh: “What are we going to do? The wedding’s in four hours, we have a houseful of… guest.”

Sally: “Dorothy only needed a bucket of water!”

Things to Ponder:

  • So Kenny and Kat’s ex: New breed of vampire? Adverse reaction to werewolf blood? Vampire version of the retconned Klingon disease from Star Trek?
  • What do you think about that candle flare at the end? Donna from the Great Beyond, or Sally manifesting some new skills now that she’s all ghosty and mad-powerful now?


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  1. i was wondering about the wolf blood too. i think its a weird reaction (for kenny and kat’s ex).. as for the fire… i think that was sally.. can’t wait for the finale next week.. liam showing up is going to be trouble

  2. Great recap. Figured Liam would show up again. He’ll always have a connection to Josh since he was the one to scratch Josh and bring him back into the werewolf world. If Josh kills Liam then his werewolf curse is no more which doesn’t seem likely at this point.

    Agree that the werewolf blood and virus mix = mutant vampire. Werepire? 😉