‘Being Human’ 3.13 Episode Review and Recap: Ruh Roh

It’s the end of the season as we know it on this week’s Being Human!

So despite turning up outside the honeymoon cottage, Liam isn’t actually up to no good at the moment. He wants to show Josh and Nora what the wolf-blood “cure” is actually doing. Granted, he kind of does it at gunpoint, and when the conversation doesn’t go the way he wants it to, he locks Josh and Nora in a warehouse with a bunch of hungry, mutated, baby vampires, but his heart was in the right place. At one point. The locking up only came after Josh and Nora rejected being part of his pack and Nora confessed to killing Brynn. Neither of which, in retrospect, were good moves when surrounded by aforementioned baby vampires. The vamps start to wake up and attack the happy couple, so Josh puts on his big boy pants and takes a conveniently-placed can of gasoline to the pile.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Kat are taking advantage of the still-romantically-decorated living room. A bare hip shot and a fade-to-black later, Sally pops in on the post-dancing nap to warn Aidan that Kenny is awake and it’s not pretty. While Aidan is dealing with that, Kat wakes up and meanders upstairs to find Sally’s corpse. She does not take the discovery well and sprints out of the house after a few minutes of screaming at Aidan.

That’s not the end of Aidan’s troubles, though. While Sally is attempting to give him a pep talk about Kenny, Liam breaks in and shoots Aidan in the head (and props to Sam Witwer on the temporary aphasia). He demands to know where Kenny is, and continues to shoot and beat Aidan while Sally watches helplessly. Liam heads down to Kenny’s room, pins Aidan to the wall with a metal post in the gut, and tries to stake Kenny, but Sally manages to light the stake on fire. Josh and Nora arrive about this time and start trying to take Liam down. It’s frankly a pretty epic scene, but the important parts include Nora getting knocked out, Liam trying to strangle Josh, Sally popping in between Josh and Liam, scaring Liam back towards Aidan, who pulls him onto the same post that he’s already impaled on. In all the confusion, Kenny loses control and starts to feed on Nora, but gets pulled off before he can do any permanent damage.
Once he’s somewhat on his feet again, Aidan starts trying to clean up his part of this mess. He goes to Blake to ask her to compel Kat into forgetting finding Sally. Blake pulls it off, but now Aidan owes her one. After a conversation with Josh, Aidan takes Kenny out into the woods to deal with him. He can’t bring himself to stake Kenny, though, and tells him to run away and never look back.

Finally, in everyone’s last scenes, while Aidan is out and Josh and Nora are doing their monthly wolf thing, Sally is left home and not-so-alone. Donna shows up and threatens Sally, eventually dragging her into a deep, dark hole created on Sally’s Death Spot. Danger, Will Robinson!

Nora wakes up in the woods on the morning after the full moon without Josh anywhere in sight. She finds him, but not as her human husband. Josh is still a wolf, despite the moon having set hours ago, and he doesn’t exactly seem to recognize Nora at the moment.

Aidan, who finally feels like he has his feet back underneath him, is strutting rather happily down the street past one particular taxi cab. Once he’s well out of the way, the door opens to reveal Susannah, his wife from his pre- and just post-vampire transition days. The last time we saw her, she was being drowned in a witch trial after the village found out that Aidan was back. Now, it would seem, the witch is back!

Ah, the season finale. Time to reflect on what we’ve seen and then frantically beg Syfy not to leave it there for an entire year! Let’s see, at this point last year, Sally was in Limbo, Aidan was being buried alive, and Josh and Nora were potentially on the wrong side of a fade-to-black gunshot in the woods. Fast forward to last night’s episode, and Aidan seems to be in a better place, but I don’t think the same can be said for Sally or Josh. Whatever’s at the bottom of that massive chasm in the stairwell, I have the feeling that it’s worse than Limbo. And poor Josh has gone from no longer being a werewolf to being one in the daylight, as well. Now, given that Sam Huntington is still a lead in the show and CGI is expensive, I can only assume that he’ll be back in human form by the end of the first episode. Nevertheless, it’s a darned fix.

That’s all there is for Being Human Season 3, folks. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be back with coverage from San Diego International Comic Con (!!!) in July. ‘Til then, we’ll still be talking about Syfy’s Lost Girl and picking up Warehouse 13 when it premieres on April 29th!

Best Quotes:

Sally: “If anyone will get him through this, it’s you. And I say this as someone whose heart you’ve ripped out of their corpse.”

Josh: “Screw the keg, pick us up some crack.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Is Josh’s day-wolf-ness a symptom of being sired by a purebred or of the ordeal they went through with Donna?
  • Josh Theory 2: Being sired by a purebred has made Josh some kind of Alpha.
  • How is letting Kenny go going to come back and bite Aidan? ‘Cause it’s definitely going to.
  • Holy heckerdoodles! It’s Susannah! Oh, please tell me she really was a witch, independent of Aidan’s transformation…


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  1. Not sure about the josh storyline. But you know that Kenny will be back at some point and it will be trouble. And I LOVE that Susannah is back. Didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait to see how that storyline plays out

  2. Seems like the season just started and now it’s over!
    Agree that Kenny is a loose end and will be back for Aidan.
    The most shocking part of the ep was seeing Susannah getting out of the taxi. Where has she been all this time? Searching for Aidan perhaps?
    Nice way to wrap up season 3.