‘Lost Girl’ 3.12 Recap And Review: Hail, Hale

Hail (Hale?) to the Ash on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

Dyson and Bo are checking out the apartment of the now noticeably missing Lauren, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry right now. It’s time for Hale’s official inauguration as the Ash, and he’s invited the Morrigan. Besides, Lauren doesn’t exactly want to be found. She’s making great advances at Isaac’s company, including finding an enzyme that could be a cure for heart disease.

Kenzie’s feeling a little left out of the festivities, thanks to that pesky humanity of hers. She’s approached a number of times by a fae calling himself “Maximo” who’s offering her a chance to become fae herself. Kenzie’s streetwise enough to know that all that sparkles is not fairy, but with all that’s been going on, she can’t deny that the offer is tempting. She kicks him to the curb, regardless.

At the inauguration, all is not entirely well. The Morrigan is trying to kill Hale in the middle of the festivities, but he’s protected by a pretty powerful talisman from his father. The Morrigan gets her chance to take Hale out another way when Dyson is poisoned and kidnapped by humans, including the bartender at the Dal. She forces Hale to admit that there’s evidence that Lauren is behind the kidnapping, as the poison seems to be the very same enzyme she was working with at Isaac’s new company. The Morrigan calls for a vote of no-confidence in the new Ash, as well as a vote to declare that all humans in fae territory, including Kenzie, will now be considered terrorists and enemies of the State.

Bo meets up with Tamsin at Lauren’s and the two start trying to pin down Dyson’s whereabouts. In the process, Bo comes across pictures of herself along with the rune glass in Tam’s truck. She texts an image of the whole lot to Kenzie to see what she can find out. Maximo tells Kenzie all about the rune glass in exchange for a kiss. Whoever has the completed rune glass can control Bo. Meanwhile, Bo and Tam have arrived at a planetarium where Dyson is being kept. A run-in with a guard leaves Tam bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Bo answers her ringing phone to find out that Tam is the one who sent Maximo to get Kenzie’s kiss, possibly for some nefarious fae purpose.

Inside the compound, Lauren has discovered Isaac’s secret prison room where he’s keeping both Dyson and the bartender’s wife. It turns out that Isaac knows all about the fae. In fact, he’s the one behind last episode’s mass burial ground. He locks Lauren away, as well, right next to Dyson and across from someone none of them expected to see: Bo’s birth mum, Aife.

Back at the Dal, Kenzie has failed to heed numerous warnings that she needs to get the hell out of Dodge. Trick is already gone, having been thrown into a trunk on his own way out of the Dal. Hale is frantic when he finds Kenzie still in the Dal. He tells her that she’s “never been just a friend,” and tries to get her out. The Morrigan catches them, forcing Hale to cuff Kenzie. He kisses her rather passionately and slips her what I assume was the key to the cuffs in the same motion. Kenzie manages to break away, but gets caught by one of the Morrigan’s henchmen in Trick’s office. To Be Continued…

Oh, cliffhangers! At least we have one more episode to clear up some of this episode’s drama. That’s a lot of answers for a one-hour episode, though. How did Aife survive? Who’s got Trick? What’s Tam’s endgame? What’s Isaac’s endgame, for that matter? Who’s going to be the new Ash if a no-confidence vote goes through? Is Hale a good kisser and will we see more of that in the future? So many questions!

Honestly, I think of all the plotlines that have to be wrapped up next episode, the one I’m most interested in is Tamsin’s. With all the Wanderer hints getting dropped, I think Tam’s story is going to lead us into the big arc for next season, which sounds like it’s going to be pretty wicked. The buzz I’m seeing in some of the forums is that Tam is the new Lauren, as far as Bo’s love interests go. What do you think? Now that she’s betrayed the Ash and is firmly in the clutches of the bat-guano-crazy bad guy, is Lauren going to make it past the next episode?

It looks like we’ve got a week off, so I’ll see you all for the Lost Girl season finale on April 22nd!

Best Quote:

Hale: “If we’re going to work together, I need you to be a little less All About Eve and a little more Steel Magnolias.”

Morrigan: “Friends, Elders, noblemen… shut the hell up and listen!”

Things to Ponder:

  • Okay, so who is Isaac really? I’m thinking someone like Sykes on Warehouse 13: a normal guy who had an unfortunate run-in with a fae when he was a kid.
  • So even when they get this whole secret fae-experimentation thing cleared up, there’s still that whole vote about humans being terrorists to deal with. Think that will just get swept under the rug at the end of the episode?
  • What is the portmanteau for Kenzie and Hale? Kale? Henzie?


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  1. the shipper name is Kale. and Hale has picked a bad time to confess his feelings for her. geez. i can’t wait to see how this storyline unfolds.