‘Revolution’ Episode 1.15 Recap & Review: Home

In this week’s episode of Revolution, we begin with Miles and Hudson sitting inside a tent, drinking alcohol while thinking back to a recent skirmish they, their Rebels (including Charlie), and the Georgia Federation had with the Monroe Militia. A man named Captain Dixon enters the tent, and reports that there were no Militia survivors of the attack, with only nine Rebel and thirteen Georgian casualties. Miles curtly thanks Dixon for the information and gestures for him to leave. He and Hudson agree that they do not like the man, who is clearly there just to keep an eye on them, but as Miles tells Hudson, “We want [the Georgia] army, he’s the string attached.”

They leave the tent, and Miles notices Charlie nearby, her hands bloodied as she collects weaponry from a dead militiamen. They exchange a glance, and Charlie continues on to another body. As the camera draws back, we see additional bodies scattered on the ground, with burning debris nearby and smoking buildings in the background.

Back in Philadelphia, Monroe learns that his forts in Carbondale, Marion, and Evansville have been captured by the Georgia Federation and the Rebels, led by Miles. His Captain tries to make light of the situation, telling Monroe they should consider the situation as “a few minor setbacks,” but Monroe – clearly rattled, and trying to contain his rage – responds that they need to kill Miles immediately before the situation worsens. When the Captain states that they’ve tried to find Miles in the past, and failed, Monroe tells him that they aren’t going to find Miles; Monroe is going to have Miles find them.

On the western border of the Monroe Republic, Aaron and Rachel cross the Mississippi River in a rowboat manned by another. As they reach the shore and climb out of the boat, Rachel spills a handful of diamonds into the rower’s hand, and he welcomes her to the Plains Nation.

The next morning, Monroe, the captain, and a collection of Monroe’s soldiers settle two helicopters down in the middle of a small town, and as the soldiers exit the helicopters with weapons drawn, the townspeople watch in shock. Monroe orders the captain to round the townspeople up. As the man turns to issue the command, he pauses and tells Monroe that “it’s a nice little town…Welcome home.” He walks off as Monroe grimaces and looks as if he’s struggling to keep his temper in check.

Meanwhile, in La Grange, Missouri, Rachel sits at a small table, in what appears to be a bustling marketplace. Aaron brings Rachel some food, and watches as she attempts to understand Dr. Warren’s diary. “It’s kind of like Da Vinci on Meth,” Rachel tells Aaron, but when he offers to help, she instead suggests that he get supplies. Irritated, Aaron walks off, and as he wanders the market, he happens to look up and see his wife, Priscilla, in the distance. Shocked, he can only stand and stare at first, before a clump of people cause him to lose sight of her. He starts weaving through the vendors and various people, calling her name, but by the time he reaches where he had seen her, she is gone.

In the Rebel camp, Miles walks into a tent where Charlie is busy checking the magazines on their newly-acquired rifles. Miles attempts to talk to Charlie about the constant warfare they are immersed in and how it can “mess with your head,” but Charlie brushes him off, and tells him that if he wants to talk, he first has to tell her what happened between him and her mother. Miles looks away, clearly torn, but before he can say anything, Captain Dixon appears and tells him that they found a militia runner about ten miles away, that was looking specifically for Miles.

Miles follows Dixon to another tent, and enters to find a young militia soldier sitting with his hands tied, surrounded by Georgia soldiers. The teen tells Miles that his message is from Monroe, and that it is private. Dixon gestures for the other soldiers to leave, and is annoyed when Miles also makes him depart. Once they are alone, the teen tells Miles that Monroe has asked Miles to meet him in their hometown by dawn. He then begs Miles’s forgiveness for the next part of his message, that he was instructed to recite verbatim: “Miles, you are to come alone, and you will turn yourself in to me, or else I’m going to kill everyone in our hometown, I swear to God. Anyone you ever loved or cared about will die, just because they know you, starting with Emma.”

As Miles reacts to Monroe’s words, we see a quick flashback: Miles, still in his teens, stands talking with a girl – Emma – who is clearly upset about his recent decision to enlist in the army. He assures her that everything will be all right, and they kiss.

Back in their hometown, Monroe stands on a porch. His men intercept a woman before she can reach him, and she calls his name and tells him that she is Emma. As he stares at her, another rapid flashback occurs, of the very same memory that Miles had just thought of; only this time, as the two teens finish their embrace and draw apart, we see the teenage version of Monroe sitting a few feet away from them, staring at Miles with an angry expression. He quickly looks away, and arranges his face into a faint smile just as the young Emma looks over at him, and she smiles back.

We jump back to the present, with the adult Emma smiling up at Monroe. He motions for his men to let her through, and she joins him on the porch. Emma starts questioning him, asking why the townspeople are being herded into a courthouse by his men, and Monroe tells her that it’s for their own safety. He states that there is a potential terrorist threat heading for the town and that the attackers plan to hurt the townspeople as a way to hurt him. Emma smiles at this, and tells Monroe that she knows him too well and can tell that he is lying to her. Monroe – again showing us how unseated he is becoming – agrees that he and Emma are old friends, but that doesn’t give her the right to talk to him like that. Emma stares at him in shock, before becoming distracted by the sight of one of her friends, Duane, being flung to the ground and beaten for trying to resist. She rushes off the porch in an attempt to aid him, and is held back by two of Monroe’s men. Emma struggles with them, begging them to stop hurting Duane; she looks back at Monroe, and seems stunned to see him simply standing there watching. As Duane is knocked unconscious, blood running from his mouth, Monroe walks over, and orders his men to get Emma and all of the others secured in the courthouse.

As the remaining townspeople are being herded into the courthouse, Monroe and the captain walk past, trailed by some of his men. The captain professes skepticism that Miles will not only come there, but turn himself in; he tells Monroe that he thinks it would be safer if Monroe was at home in Philadelphia. Again, Monroe seems to struggle with himself, obviously torn between what he’d like to say (or do) to the man and what he should say; finally, he smiles at the captain, and between clenched teeth tells the man that he is home. Later, he visits the graves of his parents and sisters, and discovers that someone has been leaving flowers there. He then moves on to an old house, and as he stares up at it, we see another quick flashback of the same house before the blackout. Inside, the teenaged Emma pulls a blanket over Miles, who is passed out on a couch; she walks into a kitchen, where Monroe stands drinking a beer, watching her, and she tells him that Miles will be out all night “again.” In response, Monroe puts down his drink and reaches for Emma’s hand; she hesitates, and then curls her fingers around his, and the two lean toward each other, preparing to kiss.

At the Rebel camp, Charlie walks in on Dixon beating up the young militia soldier while Nora and Hudson watch. When she demands to know what is going on, Nora tells her that Miles snuck out of the Rebel camp a few hours ago, and they are “convincing” the soldier to tell them where he went. Charlie, Nora, Hudson, and Dixon (much to the others’ dismay) saddle up and head in pursuit, once they learn where Miles has gone. When Nora tries to calm an impatient Charlie, telling her that Miles will be fine, Charlie responds that she knows that, and that she is more concerned with making sure that Miles actually kills Monroe if he is there.

In La Grange, Aaron is still frantically searching for Priscilla, now with Rachel in tow. Aaron finally spots his wife sitting in a bar, and he rushes inside. Priscilla’s reaction to seeing him is not what he expected; she seems distant, distracted, and her words stilted. She introduces Aaron to the man sitting next to her, telling Aaron that Steve is her husband, and that Aaron is an “old friend.” Rachel introduces herself and says that Aaron has told her a lot about Priscilla; in response, Priscilla simply stares at Aaron for a minute, before saying that it was good to see him again. Aaron finally finds his voice and asks her if they can go somewhere to talk, but Priscilla looks away and tells him to take care of himself. Rachel urges Aaron to leave with her, and as they walk out, Priscilla turns and looks after them. As Aaron exits the bar, he also turns, and two exchange a pained glance before Rachel manages to coax Aaron forward. Unbeknownst to them, Steve is pointing a gun at Priscilla under the bar.

As night falls, Rachel and Aaron sit by a fire, while Rachel tries to convince Aaron that they need to leave, and that Priscilla has obviously moved on. Aaron insists that he knows his wife and that something was wrong. He tells Rachel that he is not leaving Priscilla again, and heads back toward the bar where they last saw her. As he walks past an alley, he sees her, tied up in the back of a wagon; he hurries over to her, demanding to know what is going on. Priscilla pleads with him to leave, and Steve appears, brandishing his gun and telling Aaron that Priscilla is a fugitive. He also orders Aaron to leave, and at first, Aaron seems cowed and starts to walk off. But then he stops and turns back, rushing up to Steve. The two begin fighting, with Steve gaining the upper hand before he is knocked unconscious by Priscilla.

Back at the courthouse, Emma confronts Monroe, telling him that Duane had died due to the beating he’d received earlier by Monroe’s men. She tells him that she heard his men talking, and she can’t believe that he is willing to let people he grew up with die, simply to lure Miles there. Monroe, looking more and more unsettled, looks over at the guards nearby, and as they go to lead Emma away, she pulls away and tells Monroe that, even though it’s been a long time, she knew that he loved her once, and she loved him too. As Monroe stares down at her, we get another quick flickering flashback, and now it’s the teenage Monroe standing there, and he leans down and he and Emma kiss. Then we are back in the present, and the older, more jaded Monroe scoffs at Emma and asks her why she waited until now to tell him this. Instead, Emma says that if there is any of the kind, decent man left that she remembered, he would let the townspeople go.

Gunfire is heard, announcing Miles’s arrival, and Monroe starts to leave. He stops, and turns back, telling Emma that he knows she was the one that had left flowers on his family’s grave. He tells Emma that she has a kind heart, and sees the best in people, particularly him. He grasps her face, and says he’d do anything to be the person she remembered, before leaning down and kissing her. As he pulls back, he goes on to say that that person is dead, and then turns his back on Emma. As he walks away, he orders his men to lock everyone in the basement and burn the building down.

As the building begins to burn, Miles gets closer and closer to it, taking out several of Monroe’s men and getting shot in the leg in the process. Unbeknownst to him, he is heading into a trap; Monroe is hiding nearby with his core group of soldiers, and they watch as Miles enters the building. At that time, Monroe gives the order for the building to be surrounded and that no one be allowed to come out alive.

Miles rescues the townspeople from the basement, and quickly realizes that all exits are blocked by Monroe’s men. As flames roar up the ceiling, he and Emma briefly reconnect as he tells her that it’s good to see her again. He then stands up and prepares to try and shoot his way out; fortunately for him, Hudson, Charlie, Nora, and Dixon have arrived, and they take out the men guarding the exit and alert Miles of their presence. As Nora and Hudson cover the fleeing townspeople, Miles runs over to where Charlie and Dixon are hunkered down, firing at Monroe and his group.

During a pause in the gunfire, Monroe calls out to Miles, and pulls Emma out in front of him, having grabbed her when she was trying to escape with the other townspeople. When Miles realizes that Monroe has a gun on Emma, and that any shot aimed at Monroe would hit Emma first, he tells Dixon and Charlie that he’ll kill anyone that tries to take the shot.

As Monroe shouts at Miles to surrender, Emma pleads with Monroe, telling him that she wants to see “him” again. When Monroe taunts her, thinking she means Miles, Emma responds that no, she wants to see her son – their son. As Monroe freezes, and stares at her in shock, we see the final flashback of the night, of the two teens, Monroe and Emma, having sex in the kitchen. We return quickly to the present, as Emma admits to Monroe that her parents wouldn’t let her tell anyone of her pregnancy, and that he and Miles were at Basic at the time. Monroe demands to know where their son is, and Emma says that he’s not in town. Again, Monroe begs to know where the boy is, but before Emma can reply, she is shot in the chest, and Monroe is wounded behind her.

Miles turns, and discovers that Dixon is the one that made the shot. As promised, he raises his gun and promptly kills the man. Monroe staggers to his knees, and screams over Emma’s dead body. He starts shooting at Miles and Charlie, but is quickly dragged away by his men, and they make their escape in a helicopter. As Monroe clutches some bloody rags over his wound, telling the Captain that he’s fine and that he doesn’t need a doctor, he looks out the window and starts to cry.

Later on, as Miles stands over Emma’s blanket-covered body, Charlie and Nora stand nearby while Charlie admits to Nora that if Dixon hadn’t made the shot, she would have. They watch as Hudson approaches Miles, and Miles reveals to Hudson that he and Emma used to be engaged. Miles stares down at Emma for a moment, before tossing the end of the blanket over her head and telling Hudson that Monroe has no idea what he’s in for.

After escaping from Steve, Priscilla tells Aaron that she is wanted by the Monroe Republic for murdering a militia sergeant. Aaron tries to apologize to her, saying he thought he was protecting her by leaving her all those years ago; Priscilla retorts that everyone he left her with died, and she was left alone. Aaron then tries to convince her to leave with him and Rachel, or he would go with her. Priscilla responds that it is too late for that; that in the years they were apart, she started a new family, including an 11-year-old daughter, and that they were waiting for her in Texas. Aaron seems to finally realize that he can’t pick up where he and Priscilla left off, and he tells her that she should go then, and rejoin her new family. The two exchange a tearful kiss, and Priscilla tells Aaron that she will always love him, and that he shouldn’t worry about her any longer, before leaving.

Our episode ends back in Georgia at the Presidential Compound, as President Foster writes out orders. She tells an aide that she is sending a new informant to where Miles is stationed, explaining to the man that she needs someone up there that can keep Miles in line. She motions for one of her soldiers to open the door of her office, and outside stands Tom Neville. President Foster asks him if he’s ready to get back into action, and in response, Neville smiles.

Thoughts on Revolution Episode 1.15: Home

Well! What did everyone think about this week’s episode, and the further insight into Miles and Monroe’s history together? How do you think Emma’s revelation of a son will impact Monroe? What do you think will happen when Neville meets up with Miles as part of the Georgia Federation? Make sure to send us your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. This was a mediocre episode at best. The scene that I disliked the most was when Miles tells Dixon and Charlie that he’ll kill anyone that tries to take the shot. Really? I’d think taking out Monroe would take priority over killing one of his own fighters.

    Next week’s episode looks better based on the return of Neville.

    Thanks for the recap!

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