‘The Vampire Diaries’ 4.21 Episode Recap and Review: She’s Come Undone

As we near the end of the season, The Vampire Diaries is treating us to a massive dose of drama. Desperation for Elena’s humanity to be switched back on takes a painful turn, Silas grows impatient with Bonnie, Katherine decides to join in on the fun, and Rebekah tries to change for the better. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that this episode left me shocked and crying!

Time to get down to business! After weakening Elena (Nina Dobrev), the Salvatores take it among themselves to torture the feeling back inside of her. First, by starving her. Yet, hunger doesn’t seem to really make much of a difference… Just makes her a tad bit cranky. Caroline (Candice Accola), being the sweetest most perfect character on the show, decides to bring Elena some blood, completely against the whole idea of containing/torturing Elena. Regardless, Elena snaps back at Caroline, bashing her choices and telling her that everyone leaves her, and blah blah blah… She even goes as far as to try to kill her again! Kindness doesn’t work, starving doesn’t work… So now it’s time for burning! Taking away her daylight ring, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) unleash the sun on Elena… After being set on fire a few times, Elena outsmarts the two, and realizes that no matter what happens, they would never kill her. Time for plan b-itch. Katherine! Stefan and Damon realize that Elena won’t be afraid of being tortured as long as they do it, so they seek help from Katherine. More than willing, Katherine agrees to torture Elena, but soon has better plans. Wanting to see Elena on her own, she sets her free, forcing Matt (Zach Roerig) to step in. Once he finds her, Matt tries to reason with Elena, only to be fed on. This prompts Stefan and Damon to step in… Once Stefan has Elena in his grasp, Damon decides to go off book and threaten Matt’s life. Either Elena flips her switch, or Matt’s dead. Figuring he’s bluffing, Elena stands her ground… But Damon doesn’t bluff. He snaps Matt’s neck right there, instantly getting a reaction from Elena. This scene had me in tears! It was like seeing Jeremy die all over again, and the realization that Elena faced when she realized that Jeremy was really gone… Lucky for her, Matt had on a resurrection ring. Pain, heartbreak, joy, and relief… Emotions! Elena is back, but so are all the painful memories that happened during her humanity switch flip! Stefan tells her to pick one emotion to focus on, so Elena decides to go with hate. She channels all of her energy into hating one thing: Katherine.

Meanwhile, Caroline is being threatened by Silas. Throughout the episode, Silas decides to mess with Caroline’s head. Making her see Klaus, Matt, her mother… All in hopes of finding Bonnie (Kat Graham), who is hiding and buying time to figure a few things out! In the end, Silas comes close to killing Caroline’s mom, but eventually gets what he wants. Bonnie promises to help him die and to lift the veil! But little does Silas know that Bonnie has a plan that involves Katherine, a tombstone, and ultimate immortality.

Perfectly executed episode! Let’s face it, Elena has been annoying mostly everyone to a certain degree, and perhaps a few of us enjoyed watching her get tortured! It was interesting to see the different tactics Damon and Stefan used to get a reaction out of her, but I definitely did not expect for them to ‘kill’ Matt. I’ll admit, once they did it, it was extremely obvious that Matt had on some type of protection ring, but nonetheless, still a wicked plot twist. Plus, the shock towards the end between Silas/Bonnie/Katherine was interesting. I kind of doubt that Bonnie is telling the whole truth, but I have feeling that this season will end with the veil being broken. We’ll see in time, and as the season is coming to a close, I’m getting more and more excited! So far, TVD is coming to a strong season four finish! I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.



  • How will Elena attempt to kill Katherine? And will she be able to gather the help from the Salvatore’s, Caroline, Bonnie, etc?
  • Is Bonnie telling the whole truth?
  • Season finale predictions?


  1. i want to know if killing katherine will have any effect on elena (with the whole doppledanger deal) .. and i do not trust bonnie, i don’t think she is telling the whole story on what she is planning on doing with the tombstone….. so glad matt is ok.. they almost had me going with his death…LOL… and the previews for next week.. SO GLAD KOL IS BACK!!!

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