‘Warehouse 13’ 4.14 Episode Recap and Review: The Sky’s the Limit

Pete and Myka are Vegas-bound while Claudia and Steve are off to the races on this week’s episode of Warehouse 13!

Two pings means two teams in the field this week. Artie sends Pete and Myka to Las Vegas to check out tales of glowing orange bodies falling from the sky. Claudia and Jinks are on their way to London to investigate a few long-shot horses putting their jockeys into comas after one in a million wins.

In Vegas, Pete and Myka head to the hotel room of the glowing dead guy. His roommates are still there, sprawled hither and yon in true Hangover fashion. They’re pretty fuzzy on the details of the night before, but Pete and Myka are able to pull together a general timeline. Nothing specific enough to highlight an Artifact, though. As they check out their leads, another body comes falling from out of the blue: a schoolteacher who has also been seen around the Maximus Hotel. The team ends up investigating Val Preston, a Peter Vincent-esque stage magician who uses levitation prominently in his act. He’s a jerk but he’s not the Artifact holder, a fact brought to light when he’s yanked up into the stratosphere right in front of Pete.

There’s one other common factor in all the deaths. Each person went to see another stage magician, Monty the Magnificent. He’s a true believer coming to the end of his career. Pete and Myka try to tell him that whatever he’s using is dangerous, but he insists that he isn’t using anything but the power of his mind, and that he can control it quite well. He invites the two of them to his next show where he intends to levitate himself to prove it. Things go a bit pear-shaped when it’s not Monty that rises into the air, but Pete. Monty is distraught, but his assistant and granddaughter Rose seems to know something he doesn’t. Monty and Rose take over the outdoor audience of Preston fans to show them the real levitation trick, which is when Pete and Myka learn what triggers the second, stratospheric levitation: a new volunteer. They manage to get the Artifact, the medal of St. Joseph of Cupertino, away from Rose and bag it before anyone else dies. Monty is heartbroken that his magic wasn’t real, so Pete and Myka take him to the aisle were all of the Famous Magician Artifacts are stored, restoring his faith.

Across the pond in London, Team B is attempting to gain access to the rather snobby racing clubs in order to investigate the jockey comas. It appears that all of the jockeys have been drained of adrenaline. They talk to the horses’ owners, but can’t seem to find a common link other than a visit to the stable vet. According to her, each of the affected horses had shown signs of abuse by their riders. The abuse had all been brought to her notice by the same stable boy, Ricky Jackson. All he wanted was justice for the horses, so he’s been slipping something under their saddles. In a rather epic split-second decision, Claudia jumps onto the horse of the soon-to-be latest victim mid-stride and manages to snag and bag a piece of Sitting Bull’s Riding Blanket. She gives the jockey a rather dire warning about the way he’s been treating his horses, then heads off to bump into a rather familiar face: Charlotte Dupres.

Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederic has a surprise for Artie. The B&B has a new proprietor, Abigail Cho. Artie’s getting her familiar with the Warehouse itself when he realizes that she has more than one reason to be there. Abigail isn’t just a B&B owner, she’s a psychotherapist, brought in by the Regents to attempt to heal him. Abigail is more than willing to get her hands dirty with some of the Artifacts, even to the point of bringing Artie Pancho Villa’s Boots to reduce his sense of guilt over Leena’s death. Artie is totally resistant in true Artie-style, but he eventually understands that his healing process wouldn’t be healing just him, it’d be healing Abigail’s guilt over a lost patient, as well. Now Artie’s more willing to talk, but it’s going to be a long journey.

Not a bad episode. Not a brilliant one, but still a hell of a lot of fun. The artifact plotlines were practically incidental to the real importance of the episode, the introduction of Abigail Cho as the new proprietor of Leena’s B&B. I’ve been a fan of Kelly Hu for some time now, and I’m excited to see the new dynamic that she will bring to the show. I’m also rather desperately hoping that as Abigail starts to take over some of Leena’s duties, we’ll get the chance to learn more about Leena herself. There were a lot of mysteries surrounding her character that we never got solved, and my brain can’t take another Shepherd Book, people. It just can’t.

Warehouse 13 is on hiatus for Memorial Day, but it’ll be back at 10pm on June 3rd!

Best Quotes:
Claudia: “I know what you did there, by the way. Very tricksy of you. Oh fun! New nickname!”

Claudia: “What? I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with the horse.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So I thought Leena was the owner of the B&B because she had a special connection to the Warehouse. Does Abigail have that same connection somehow? She certainly has a way with plants.
  • As far as the Warehouse agents know, Sutton got himself killed back in Paris. What exactly does Charlotte want with Claudia?
  • Artifact Rundown: King Kamehameha’s Hawaiian Lei, Julia Child’s Apron, the Original Ginsu Knife, St. Joseph of Cupertino’s Medal, Pancho Villa’s Boots, Sitting Bull’s Riding Blanket, Harry Blackstone Sr.’s Lightbulb


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  1. i agree with the best quote.. i love that he is afraid of the horse. those scenes were great. .. so whatever that woman wants with claudia has to do with her stopping of the artifact/killing the jockeys.