‘Necessary Roughness’ Episode 3.1 Recap And Review: Changes

There are a lot of changes happening on USA Network’s Necessary Roughness this season! In the first episode alone, viewers learn that the NY Hawks head-coach has been fired (immediately following the playoffs), and Tom Wizinski (David Andrews) is the new replacement. During the opening scene, Matty D. (Marc Blucas), introduces coach Wizinski to Dr. Santino (Callie Thorne), who ends up terminating her employment with the team after their first encounter, when Dani demands a little more respect from her new superior.

A week later, she receives a blocked call from Nico (Scott Cohen), informing her that he didn’t go to Dallas to work for Mark Cuban after all, and he sends a limo to meet Dani at her house, so that she may interview with V3 Sports Management owner Connor McClane (John Stamos). Upon her arrival, Connor explains that he’s just signed a new client named Darryl Hutchinson (guest star Jonathan Keltz) – a baseball phenom who suffers from aerophobia, with hopes that she can cure him of his ailments. Meanwhile, Dani realizes that Nico works for Mr. McClane and decides to confront him about his sudden disappearance months prior.

The next day, she meets with Darryl, to get a clearer understanding of why he refuses to board a plane to Kansas City, where he is expected to show up for training camp five days before draft day. She eventually convinces him to travel to Philly (but not without some effort) when he suddenly has a panic attack, and Dr. Santino must attempt to get him to relax before the plane can lift-off. Twenty minutes later, Hutch is finally ready for take-off, but when he arrives to his destination, his pitching arm goes numb, thereby jeopardizing his chance of being signed.

Out on the practice field, TK (Mechad Brooks) is struggling to take orders from the new coach, who has a very different coaching-style than the quarterback is used to. Following practice, Terrence is scheduled for his first session with the new team therapist, which doesn’t end well. The male psychologist appears to be less invested in his patients, and his new office is much colder and uninviting for Mr. King, so he begins to compare his former shrink’s therapeutic style to the latter. Once the session has ended, Terrence confronts Matt about the situation, demanding that he still be allowed to remain on Danielle’s client roster. However, when Donnally reveals to TK that there isn’t anything he can do to change the situation, Brooks’ character resigns from The Hawks.

Back at V3, David Anders as Troy Cutler (Connor McClane’s wingman) blames Santino for Darryl’s new condition – creating some obvious tension between Cutler and Dani, but she assures Troy that she is not the cause of Hutch’s disorder. Instead, Thorne’s character diagnoses the baseball player with a rare form of PTSD.

Elsewhere in the episode, Mechad Brook’s character shows up to the Santino residence for an impromptu session (and some jelly beans) to discuss his first-world problems. This is obviously conflicting for both King and Dr. D. considering she has a new employer. So it will be interesting to see how both characters adjust to those changes. What will be even more interesting though, is if sparks fly between Danielle and Connor, as there is some chemistry between them. Will their relationship span far beyond the office now that Donnally is relocating to Boston –especially since he’s now married with a child? Or will he end his marriage to pursue Danielle again?

Tune in to Necessary Roughness at 10p EST on Wednesdays to find out what happens next, and feel free to share your predictions!

More questions to think about for June 19th’s episode:

  • Why didn’t Nico go to Dallas to work for Mark Cuban? Was it so he can keep tabs on Dr. Santino?
  • Will Troy’s attitude toward Dani make her re-consider asking for her old job back with the New York Hawks?
  • Will TK be able to perform without Dr. D. on the team? Or will he find a way to become her client again?
  • Will Coach Wizinski be able to win a 5th championship?
  • Is the reason for Matt is going to Boston because of his feelings for Dani?
  • Are Lindsay (Hannah Marks) and Ray Jay (Patrick Johnson) going to make an appearance?
  • Who was Nico on the phone with after Thorne’s character accepted a new job offer with V3? Could Marshall Pittman (Evan Handler) be alive despite the death allegations?


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