Emilia Clarke won’t watch ‘House of the Dragon’.

Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is revealing that she’s not interested in watching the prequel series, House of the Dragon

Best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the original HBO fantasy series, Clarke, 36, says it’s just too weird for her. She even compares it to attending a high school reunion.

“It’s too weird. I’m so happy it’s happening. I’m over the moon about all the awards … I just can’t do it. It’s so weird. It’s so strange.” Clarke says in an interview with Variety.

“It’s kind of like someone saying, ‘You want to go to this school reunion that’s not your year? Want to go to that school reunion?’ That’s how it feels. I’m avoiding it.” she adds.

Kit Harington
Photo Credit: Fred Duval

Emilia Clarke Isn’t Alone – Kit Harington Is on the Same Page

Clarke isn’t the only Game of Thrones star to have weird feelings about watching the prequel. Kit Harington, who starred as Jon Snow in the original series, has also gone on record saying that he has anxiety about watching House of the Dragon.

“I think to see people get into outfits and costumes, that resemble what we wore for all those years… And it [has] the same music and style and tone, but not be in it is always going to feel. There’s going to be a rawness there.” Harington, 36, has confessed.

House of the Dragon
Photo Credit: HBO

Advice from the Game Of Thrones OG’s

Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei in the original series, has offered up some advice for the House of the Dragon cast. She insists that they should just “enjoy it.”

“I’m sure they already know, but this fanbase, whew … They are passionate and they are amazing. And who knows how this series will be received, but I hope it’s a huge success. And if it is, it’s an experience, and it will be an adjustment, for sure,” Emmanuel states. “If you’re not used to that level of attention or recognition, it’s
definitely something. So I guess my advice would be to just enjoy it and look to each other. It was really important that we, as a group, went through all of that together and held each other down.”

While House of the Dragon has been renewed for Season 2, there is no release date yet from HBO. Filming on the new season is expected to begin sometime in 2023. And HBO and HBO Max’s CEO, Max Casey, has gone on record saying, “Don’t expect it in ’23, but I think sometime in ’24.”

We’ll keep you posted on House of the Dragon Season 2 as more details surface! And as for Emilia Clarke, fans can catch her next in Marvel’s Secret Invasion opposite Samuel L. Jackson. The Disney+ series is expected to premiere sometime during 2023.


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