‘Continuum’ 2.02 Episode Recap And Review: Split Second

No one’s going quietly on this week’s episode of Continuum!

Lucas’s investigation into Travis’s incarceration has inevitably led him to discover that Sonya shot the former Liber8 leader. He agrees to fall in line with whatever Sonya’s up to and not tell Garza, who would be ticked with a side of murderous. Sonya has a Crafty Plan to get Travis away from Julian. She arranges for some Aryan Nation thugs to approach Julian so that Travis will have to kill them and get transferred to a higher-security facility.

Kiera and Carlos are in charge of the move, but there’s a hitch. Gardiner has managed to get himself assigned to the Liber8 taskforce, and he’s watching Kiera’s every move. Kiera and Carlos ride in Travis’s transfer vehicle themselves, while sending out a heavily-guarded decoy to distract any Liber8 teams who might attempt to get him back. The decoy is ambushed, but back at Liber8 HQ, Lucas is anticipating more than one transfer convoy. He sends a team after Kiera’s van, as well. Kiera manages to shake the tailing SUV for a while, but the chase is picked up by a team in a helicopter.

Once the SUV and copter have the transfer van trapped in a tunnel, a new twist comes to light. There are two factions after Travis. The helicopter team takes out the SUV, giving Kiera and Cameron an escape route, but it’s one they have to take without Travis. Travis is nabbed by the ‘copter team, which we finally find is headed by Garza. Garza’s also cleaned out HQ. None of this bodes well for Sonya and Lucas.

Gardiner thinks that Kiera intentionally let Travis escape back into the hands of Liber8. Dillon is having none of Gardiner’s BS, though, and takes the blame for the operation’s failure. One thing has been proven for sure: there’s a mole in the department. Whether it’s a cop or Gardiner himself remains to be seen.

Back in the land of the somewhat-less-dangerous, Alec is finding that his retail gig is not all beer and skittles. His ideas are bogged down in corporate bureaucracy, his manager is kind of a jerk, and the customers are nightmares. Into this hellhole strides Kellog, offering Alec a chance to “get away from all this.” Alec turns Kellog down at first, but a little more time spent at the Buy More convinces him going Neutral Evil may be a bit less soul-sucking, and thus does Alec join Team Kellog.

Admit it, guys. If someone had offered you the “boozing on a yacht” job back in your retail days, you wouldn’t have looked too closely at their motivations, either. Therefore, I cut Alec a little slack for ditching the poorly-disguised Best Buy gig. I mean, come on. He hadn’t even made it to the Nerd Herd yet (Oh Chuck, how I miss thee). I’ll be interested to see how the manure interacts with the climate control unit when Kiera finds out, as she most certainly will.

I don’t really understand Gardiner’s role in all of this. He’s somehow conceived a personal dislike of Kiera because he saw her using her super suit? I’ll grant him some of the suspicion, but wouldn’t you think “she’s bogarting new tech” rather than “she must be evil”? I’m hoping he has some other agenda going on that’s going to make him a better Season Villain, ’cause I’m just not loving his contribution to the narrative as a whole.

Best Quote:
Kellog: “I’m a time-traveler, kid. Weird is my specialty.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So… Kagame couldn’t have just told the rest of the crew that he wanted Sonya to take over? So many issues solved with one pre-explosion text message.
  • Is Alec’s new job going to help him fulfill his destiny, or is this where it all starts to go wrong?


  1. New alliances are bring forged which makes for interesting episodes to come. Kiera won’t be happy with Alec and Kellogg teaming up. Hard to know what exactly Kellogg wants from Alec.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Great recap. Thanks!

  2. I’m really loving this series. Definitely glad that they’re already confirmed for season 3!

  3. I watched season 1… was unsure about season 2 and now i have to check to see if comcast has it on demand… thanks

  4. Continuum is one of the best shows on tv! Only drawback is the number of episodes per season but that seems to be the tv business these days.

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