‘Warehouse 13’ 4.18 Episode Recap And Review: Lost And Found

Artie, Pete, and Myka be searchin’ for a pirate’s Arrrrr-tifacts on this week’s episode of Warehouse 13!

Two teams this week. Artie, Pete, and Myka are out in the field, chasing down the legendary pirate treasure of Roaring Dan Sealey, while Jinks and Claudia stay closer to home and deal with something even more dangerous.

First, the adventures of Team A! Artie comes running into the B&B at 1 in the morning, utterly thrilled about the biggest Ping ever. He’s made contact with a seller who has the other have of Roaring Dan Sealey’s Puzzle Box, which is said to lead to the pirate’s treasure hoard. Included in the hoard are several Artifacts from Warehouse 12, stolen by Sealey during the transfer to Warehouse 13. Of course, the other half of the box is held by none other than Charlotte Dupres. She offers to team up with the Warehouse agents in exchange for half of the treasure.

The Puzzle Box leads the team to a creepy, stormy graveyard that holds the tombstone of Sealey’s first mate. Within the stone is a clue leading them to the Niagara Falls Power Company. Charlotte gets there first after tazing Artie, Pete, and Myka (less elegant than a Tesla, I suppose, but you use what you have). When the group recovers and arrives at Sealey’s secret lair, they find Charlotte’s hulking minion dead on the stairs. Never a good sign. There’s a major confrontation, but it turns out that Charlotte isn’t the one who killed Lars. Sealey’s treasure is protected by a Pirate Ghost!

It turns out that touching the treasure calls the ghost, but ringing a particular bell scares it away. Charlotte snags a geode and is promptly “killed” by the ghost. Fortunately for the agents, it doesn’t take. Charlotte is able to rescue them when their plan to bag Crowley’s Amulet (which is generating the ghost) goes pear-shaped. Now Charlotte is willing to come clean about what she’s been doing all along. She wants both halves of the Philosopher’s Stone in order to break the curse of immortality on both her and her son, Nick. Myka’s reaction to Charlotte’s courting death is the final straw. Pete takes Myka aside, where she is finally able to tell him of her diagnosis. Instead of the screaming, yelling, or teasing that Myka had been anticipating, Pete just gives her a quiet, supportive hug. (I may have been a little allergic to that scene. Don’t judge.)

Back at the Warehouse, Jinks is definitely not Team Nick. Steve’s internal lie detector has been pinging pretty much every time Nick has opened his mouth in the last three days. Nick manages to dredge up enough truth to sell Jinks a sob story about having to lie for “what feels like 500 years.” Jinks and Claudia start to have an argument about the kid, but it’s interrupted by an intruder alert at the Warehouse. They both head over to the Warehouse, where first Jinks and then Claudia are attacked by none other than Marcus (bad guy minion of Season 3. The previous user of Jinksie’s metronome). Claudia escapes and finds a bronzed Jinks still in the Bronzing Chamber. She hacks the controls, but before she can de-bronze Steve, she finds something in her pocket: one of Mesmer’s magnets. She bags it and realizes what’s been going on for the last few hours. Steve is still back at the B&B, she’s been running around with Nick the whole time, even when she was fighting “Marcus.” The figure in the Bronzer is Paracelsus, the 16th century alchemist. She contacts the real Steve and gets him to un-whammy himself and head to the Warehouse.

Nick knocks out Claudia and reanimates Paracelsus, who greets Nick as a son (or at least a favored apprentice. Jury’s still out). Paracelsus thinks that Claudia is a threat and must be dealt with accordingly. When Steve arrives, he finds Claudia bronzed and the Bronzer utterly destroyed. He passes this development along to Team A. Charlotte is a bit distraught. It seems as though Nick has his own agenda now.

Oh, this was a good one. Pirate treasure, season plot advancement, and ALL THE FEELS in one episode. I loved Myka’s predictions of how Pete would react to her news. I’m somewhat surprised that they didn’t incorporate the reactions of the rest of the gang, but I can only assume that we’ll see that next week. I’m still desperately holding on to the hope that there’s an anti-cancer Artifact that’s going to set Myka to rights in the season finale (or even the series finale).

Speaking of which, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Paracelsus (in the form of Anthony Stewart Head) is going to weave himself into the season finale. There’s a longer game in play here. I’m guessing longer than even Charlotte knows. Rumor has it that James Marsters will be returning as Sutton in the final episode (Spike and Giles in the same episode!), so we’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out.

We’ll be talking to the Warehouse 13 crew on Tuesday. Leave us your questions in the comments below!

Best Quotes:

Artie: “Pete! Moderate your Comic-con panel later!”
Myka: “What’s Comic-con?”
Pete: [whimper]
(slightly later)
Artie: “He’s dead.”
Pete: “That never happens at Comic-con.”

Claudia: “I’ve got this place locked down tighter than Mrs. Frederic’s weave.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So… is Nick the illegitimate son of Charlotte and Paracelsus? Jinksie said he wasn’t lying about the “500 years” bit, so what exactly is Nick’s story?
  • Was anyone else expecting Mrs. Frederic to appear around a corner after Claudia’s line about her weave?
  • Artifact Roundup: Puzzle Box of Roaring Dan Seavey, Auguste Rodin’s Sculpting Tools, New Year’s Eve Noisemakers, Thaddeus Cahill’s Telharmonium Keyboard, Robert the Bruce’s Tartan, Aleister Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram Amulet, Mesmer’s Magnets, half of the Philosopher’s Stone


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