‘Teen Wolf’ 3.04 Episode Recap And Review: Unleashed

We’re four episodes into the third season of Teen Wolf, and saying confusion is engulfing us wouldn’t be a far stretch. With new characters, comes new plots. With new plots, brings in a whole new set of questions. In this week’s episode, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is tortured, numerous corpses continue to pop up, Isaac and Scott take on the hot alpha twins (who finally speak during this episode), and we discover why Deucalion (Gideon Emery) is so feared in the Alpha world. Whew. That’s a lot to take in!

Let’s go on ahead and address the massive elephant in the room. Deucalion. His presence has sparked the interest of many viewers. Besides his brief appearance in the first episode of this season, we haven’t really seen quite all the hype yet. He’s obviously the villain of the season (at least one of them, seeing as we’re still unsure as to who exactly is killing all the humans in some sick ritual nonsense). Regardless, we discovered quite a bit of information as to why Deucalion is seen as this powerful and scary Alpha wolf. After getting two of his Alpha pack members to interrupt Derek and Cora’s training session, and torture Derek to some degree, Deucalion revealed that the source of his power came from killing his own pack. This resulted in him becoming some all powerful Demon Wolf… Which I’m still so confused about. As always, one question is answered, and many more arise. Now, Deucalion has given Derek the task of killing the rest of his pack, promising that it won’t be as hard as he thinks. Uh oh. As Isaac’s (Daniel Sharman) #1 fan, I’m really nervous for what’s to come for him!

Speaking of Isaac, he had a very eventful storyline during the June 24th episode. After a few weeks (I’m guessing that’s how time is moving in the Teen Wolf world), Isaac finally put together that the two new twin students, Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver), were the hot Alphas in the season 3 premiere that morphed together to kick some ass. That didn’t blow over too well, though. This revelation only fueled his hate, and eventually led to some interesting events. After two attempts, the first being Isaac taking the fall for beating up one of the twins when the beating was self inflicted (and resulted in detention), and the second being locking Isaac inside a janitor’s closet with Allison (Crystal Reed). This resulted in Isaac coming close to harming Allison, seeing as Isaac is extremely claustrophobic after incidents revealed last season with his deceased father. Endangering Allison’s life was the last straw. Scott (Tyler Posey) and Isaac set off a plan that surely got the reaction they had hoped for… with repercussions. After taking apart the twin’s beloved motorcycles, and riding it in school (and framing Aiden in the process that ended up getting him suspended), Scott and Isaac ended up facing the wrath of the Alpha twins in their powerful morphed form. Luckily, they didn’t get far in the inevitable forthcoming destruction. Deucalion appeared out of nowhere, striking fear into everyone. The twins quickly morphed back to separate forms and both received a scratch on the face. Honestly, the best part of the scene was the shirtlessness that ensued. Yes, I wanted a fight, but that was compensation enough!

Lastly, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) spent this week’s episode continuing on with his search for the killer. More and more bodies are popping up, and now the standards seem to be drifting. At first, it seemed only virgins were dying, but after a recent murder of a senior, and some insensitive investigating on Stiles part, this pattern has been proven false. Stiles is still trying to piece everything together, and with the help of Lydia (Holland Roden) and Dr. Deaton, things seem to only be getting more complicated. Two teachers are now missing according to Lydia, and Dr. Deaton has been providing some information on Druid stuff that I’m still confused about. Regardless, this plotline still has many, many holes that I don’t see being filled in anytime soon.

‘Unleashed’ has probably been the best episode out of the four debuted so far, but that doesn’t cease the massive confusion surrounding this season. There’s so much going on, and it’s so hard to keep up. Yes, Teen Wolf is delivering everything we love, hot guys, epic fight sequences, and now a love triangle in the mix… But that doesn’t disguise the impending doom that this show might face if it doesn’t start clearing up a few things. I have high hopes, but only time will tell.



  • Thoughts on Isaac and Allison’s blossoming relationship?
  • Who do you think is killing everyone?
  • Thoughts on the whole ‘Demon Wolf’ thing with Deucalion?


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