‘Continuum’ 2.05 Episode Recap and Review: Second Opinion

Kiera’s on the couch and in the hot seat on the latest episode of Continuum!

Kiera’s having a rough week. Alec has no info on Escher or Pyron, Elena passed away, and it’s little Sam’s birthday. Carlos is trying to help her cope, but Kiera will none. She has a minor freak out in the Ladies’ room, where a kind stranger hands her tissue and words of wisdom.

Only the stranger isn’t quite so kind, nor is she really a stranger. Nora Harris is the new chief of the VPD. Friendly Inspector Dillon is getting the boot, and his replacement isn’t so keen to turn a blind eye to Kiera’s methods. Harris has been brought in to ferret out the Liber8 mole in the department, and her prime suspects are Kiera herself and Betty. When Kiera’s interrogation gets a little too personal, she finally snaps and lays a bit of beatdown on Gardner (come on, we’ve all wanted to!). Her attack activates a psychiatric evaluation subroutine in her CMR in the form of Lieutenant Gaeta (I think his name is Dr. Fairweather in this episode. Don’t care. Calling him Gaeta, anyway).
Dr. Gaeta informs Kiera that she has about an hour to get her emotions under control before he deletes the memories that are causing her stress. In other words, pretty much everything that’s happened since she arrived in 2012.

Kiera’s not the only one in trouble, though. Betty kept a few files that she shouldn’t have, both on Kiera and on the one time she attended a Liber8 meeting to do a little unofficial recon. Betty has a virus that can wipe out the incriminating records, but Kiera’s going to have to find a way to get it into the system. Her usual invisibility suit trick is out, as Dr. Gaeta has taken all suit functions offline until the psych eval is over.

Kiera and Dr. Gaeta have a nice, long chat in which she convinces him that she’s actually trapped in 2013, and he gets her to open up about her guilt in leaving Sam behind. She comes clean to a holographic image of Sam and accepts the fact that she may never get back, and thus Dr. Gaeta declares the evaluation over and turns her suit back on. Kiera plants Betty’s virus on the system and gets the new antagonist off their backs, at least temporarily.

Maybe just a little too soon, though. Once she’s safe and the work day is over, Betty heads out to meet a mysterious SUV on a dark street corner, driven by none other than Lucas Ingram. Looks like Harris was on the right track with at least one suspect!

So there’s someone in Gardner’s corner now, hmm? I’m kind of hoping that Harris will turn out like Castle’s Captain Gates: no one likes her at first, but she warms up just enough to keep her from being a cartoon villain. After all, we still have Gardner firmly stuck in Witch Hunt mode. I’d love to see Harris find a middle ground. She won’t ever like Kiera, but has the best interests of the VPD at heart. Fingers crossed!

On another note, I can’t wait to see how Alec manages to juggle Kiera, Kellog, and Jason all at the same time. Those three have some rather fantastically disparate goals, and Alec is definitely going to have some choices to make in the near future.

Best Quote:

Kellog: “Still has that new server smell!”

Things to Ponder:

• If Kiera’s CMR can’t connect with its servers, how did Gaeta know that Gardner was an authority figure?

• Not yet explained by the series: is time in 2077 passing at the same rate as it is in 2013? Or rather, couldn’t Kiera just program whatever time travel device she eventually finds to drop her off ten minutes after she left?


  1. I’m with you. Lt Gaeta it is! Helo too! Love the BSG & Caprica alumni on Continuum. Also agree with the best quote!

    I never thought Betty would actually be the mole. Just when you think you know someone. Wonder how much Betty knows about Kiera?

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Where are all the Continumm fans? If you haven’t started watching it yet, you can get Season 1 on Netflix.

    If you like Sci-Fi, you’ll love Continuum.

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