‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.3 Episode Recap And Review: Swimming With Sharks

The sports-inspired drama was on time-out for two weeks, but now its time to get back in the game.

In week three of Necessary Roughness‘ season three, Callie Thorne’s character finds herself coaching a basketball player named Devin (Sinqua Walls), on how to perfect his game from the free throw line – the twist though, is that the underachieving baller isn’t a client on V3’s roster. Instead, Walls’ character is signed to a rival agency known as SBG. And while Dani’s finally getting accustomed to her new workplace, Connor still finds a way to yank her out of her comfort zone. And since McClane is used to having his way with everything, on the previous episode titled “Swimming With Sharks”, which aired on June 26, C-Mac decides to use Dr. Dani as bait to catch a whale (in this case, its Sinqua.)

But before he can swindle his way into having Devin sign a contract with V3, he must first figure out who’s been phishing for information in the company’s books. Yes, for the first time this season, Necessary Roughness fans get to see John Stamos’ character act get angry and panicked; something completely unexpected for someone of his stature. Vulnerability aside though, the biggest reveal of the season so far, comes later on when viewers are given a deeper look into what exactly Nico (Scott Cohen) does for a living.

Since we now know who the predator is in “Swimming With Sharks”, it’ll be interesting to see who is the prey as the show progresses. Sure, the writers of Necessary Roughness suggest that McClane could be the target, but from the beginning it was obvious that Troy Culter (David Anders) had the most to hide. The question is, what exactly is he desperately trying to keep hidden, and why? Furthermore, who else is part of the operation? Connor made it very clear that he prides himself on loyalty after TK (Mechad Brooks) started to question whether or not he was being “slow played”, so I’m curious to know what Santino will think of her new job once everything behind closed doors comes to light.

The greatest thing about Necessary Roughness is that it highlights the shady aspects of the sports industry, and how that part of the entertainment business functions as a whole. With that in mind, I’m hopeful that the series continues to push forward in this direction.

Stamos closed out week three’s installment with a great quote: “This is what it means to swim in the ocean.” How much longer do you think John will be able to swoon Dani before she puts her foot down, and says no to C-Mac’s shady business propositions?

Tune in to an all-new segment of Necessary Roughness tonight at 10p, on USA Network, and hit me with a comment below!


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