An ‘Atlantis’ Movie Is in The Works from Director Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow

Director Colin Trevorrow, best known for his work on the Jurassic World movies, has closed a deal with Skydance for his upcoming sci-fi flick, Atlantis.

The project had previously been in development at Universal. However, Universal recently returned the project to Trevorrow, and Skydance was more than happy to step in. Trevorrow will produce the film under his Metronome Film Company alongside David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger for Skydance.

A previous draft of the movie’s script had been developed at Universal and written by Dante Harper. However, Trevorrow and House of the Dragon writer Charmaine DeGrate have been working on re-conceiving the project. Though, the core of the film remains the same. It will still be a fantasy adventure based on the legendary lost city under the sea.

Having been involved in all three of the Jurassic World films, Trevorrow, 46, has previously revealed that he wanted to move away from film franchises. His goal? He just wants to tell a story without having to impress the mega-fans.

“I’m ready to be able to tell stories in a way that hopefully doesn’t have people’s childhood in its hands”

“I’ve learned something every day. For me, I’ll be honest. It’s being able to potentially make something that doesn’t have a legion of people to whom it’s deeply personal,” Trevorrow states. “Because I’ve been in that space on two different franchises for eight years of my life now. And it seems even movies that I’ve made that weren’t about either of these were still kind of in the shadow of which franchise I was attached to.”

“I’m ready to be able to tell stories in a way that hopefully doesn’t have people’s childhood in its hands. Because I’m one of those people. I understand it. It’s a very delicate thing to be working with, the way we felt when we saw a movie like ‘Jurassic Park’ when we were nine years old.” he adds.

No additional information is available on Atlantis at this time. But we’ll keep you posted as more news on the movie surfaces!


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