‘Continuum’ 2.06 Episode Recap and Review: Second Truths

Kiera will have to face the future when the truth comes out on this episode of Continuum!

A cold case serial killer has appeared on the radar again, and his M.O. is familiar to Kiera. According to her studies, the Ouroboros Killer was active from 2009 through 2018 and killed 38 people, almost all of them child molesters, and was never found. Here in 2013, we’ve just found victim number 8. Kiera’s on a mission to see if she can prevent the next 30 deaths by catching the killer using her memory of future events.

Carlos and Kiera go to question the daughter of the latest victim. She’s definitely hiding something, and Kiera comes down on her hard, knowing that Patsy was a person of interest in the case, but not remembering exactly why. Carlos is not amused. In fact, the more information Kiera tries to introduce to the case, the less the department is willing to believe her. It doesn’t help that Kiera’s “intuitive leaps” are anything but intuitive. All of her information, while ultimately correct, seems to come way out of left field. Kiera goes to interrogate Patsy on her own about her father’s job teaching music to children and just manages to tick everybody off, including her partner. He insists that she wait in the car when they visit yet again.

Carlos ducks in to Patsy’s music studio to find it totally ransacked, while Kiera notes a suspicious man putting a suspiciously large crate into his van. She suddenly remembers that Patsy’s case was particularly interesting because both father and daughter were killed within days of each other. She’s able to stop the van using her future-tech, rescue Patsy, and arrest the killer.

The only problem is that Dr. Eldridge, an older psychologist who worked with abused children, only has four months to live anyway. Knowing that the killer was active until 2018, Kiera intuits that he has to have a partner. Carlos refuses to believe her, and quits as her partner until Kiera decides to come completely clean. She tells him about 2077 and having studied the case before, but Carlos thinks she’s lost it completely. Kiera goes off to find the second killer on her own and discovers Mike, a former patient and current employee of Dr. Eldridge. He knocks her out and is intent on making her the next victim for her role in saving Patsy and arresting his mentor.

Even strapped to a rather terrifying chair, Kiera manages to take out Mike by getting him to shoot her with her own gun, which has a safety feature to incapacitate unauthorized users. Carlos finds her shortly after, having thought about everything she’s said and come to the conclusion that she was telling the truth. Once she’s free, Kiera tells Carlos her whole story from beginning to end.

Elsewhere in the city, Alec and Kellog are both having rather interesting days. Alec is getting a little more serious with his new lady friend, Emily. She talks him into making her dinner back at his lab so that they can have a little privacy. Meanwhile, Kellog is attempting to recruit Tod Sanchez, a big name in clean energy back in 2077. His attempts aren’t going as well as he’d like, and he takes his frustration out on Alec by kicking Emily out of the lab mid-date. Emily’s cool with it. She checks in with her mysterious boss to let him/her know that she’s been in the lab.

Kellog’s day gets worse when Sanchez turns down his offer, having just signed with Piron and Mr. Escher. Sanchez isn’t Escher’s only new hire, though. Former-Inspector Dillon is on his payroll now. Dillon sets up a meeting between Escher and Kiera. Cards aren’t exactly laid out on the table, but know everyone knows that the cards are at least in play.

Finally! A season and a half we’ve been waiting for Carlos to be “in the know,” and it finally comes out this episode. I was starting to think it wouldn’t happen until much, much farther down the line. I’m really glad he wasn’t immediately on board, but I think it would have been out of character for him to have held out much longer than he did.

I’m excited to see the new plot twist in the shape of Alec’s girlfriend. We’ve yet to see any hint of Alec having a wife or family in 2077. I would love for Emily to be a part of the reason why, if only because it would make time travel in Continuum happen on a fixed timeline (since I’m assuming that Emily was sent by Liber8). I’m dying to know if anything Kiera or Liber8 is doing right now is having any effect on 2077.

Continuum is on our list for Comic Con this week. If you have any questions for cast or crew, let me know in the comments below!

Best Quote:
Carlos: [paraphrasing Doyle] “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever’s left over, however improbable, that’s gotta be the truth.”

Things to Ponder:

  • And now Carlos knows. Will Kiera tell him about Alec, Kellog, and Jason as well, or keep them in the shadows?
  • Not that we haven’t been asking this for ages, but who is Escher? And now, who is Emily?
  • Prediction for waaaaaaay on down the line: Kiera’s husband was somehow part of the conspiracy to send people back (either willingly or unwillingly). Kiera finds out, flips, and then finally feels free to have happy fun sexytimes with Carlos.


  1. Great to hear that Continuum is on your SDCC list. It’s my favorite Sci-Fi show.

    Glad that Carlos finally knows and that Kiera has someone to confide in other than Alec. The possibilities are endless. I think Kiera will reveal Alec, Kellogg to Carlos in due time.

    Not sure if Escher is a good guy at this point. Maybe he’s just a time-traveling opportunist. I think Emily works for him.

    Thanks for the recap and have a blast at Comic Con.

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