‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.4 Episode Review & Predictions: Snap Out Of It

USA Network is four episodes deep into the third season of Necessary Roughness, and the supporting cast appears to be seeing more character development. The last episode, which aired on July 10, found Dr. Santino lending her therapeutic services to Nolan Powers – a motivational speaker played by Ioan Gruffudd, who refuses to advocate therapy of any kind. The doctor and the patient first meet at one of Powers’ self-help speeches, courtesy of McClane, who happens to be best buds with Nolan. After their first encounter, Dani finds Powers inside Connor’s office contemplating suicide, and decides to confront McClane about the situation. In utter disbelief, Stamos’ character tells Dr. D. that his friend is under a lot of pressure because of his upcoming book release, and goes on to explain Nolan saying he want to kill himself was just a figure of speech. It is later revealed by C-Mac that Gruffudd’s character suffers from migraines and occasional blackouts, which Thorne’s Santino later diagnosed as Dissociative Identity Disorder (also referred to as having multiple personalities).

It’s refreshing to see the sports dramedy touch upon heavier material with the plotlines for Danielle’s patients, as it certainly makes her job as a psychologist more believable, but what’s even more enjoyable is watching the progression of Callie and Mechad Brook’s characters from a personal level. Whereas Dani was trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces from her husband Ray and short-term lover Matt (Marc Blucas), Terrence on the other hand, was a party king who was casually dating. Now the roles are reversed as Callie is re-entering the dating scene, while Mechad’s King longs for commitment.

Meanwhile, Scott Cohen’s Nico Careles is getting more and more mysterious as the season continues. From the start of season three viewers were under the impression that the FBI was secretly watching Nico, but as it turns out, he appears to be some kind of spy/criminal informant posing as the head of security for The Hawks, and now V3. Last week’s installment, titled “Snap Out Of It”, showed Careles meeting with a federal agent who wanted more information on David Anders’ Troy Culter, who could potentially be a serious threat to V3.

While the writers of Necessary Roughness continue to get fans more invested in the characters I have some questions I’d like to have addressed by tonight’s episode:

• Will Callie Thorne’s relationship with Same Page evolve into something more serious, thereby forcing him to transfer out of V3’s west coast office?

• Can TK and Sheera (Kate Miner) maintain both a personal and professional relationship, or will they split?

• What is Troy hiding on his computer?

Tune in to an all-new episode of Necessary Roughness on USA, tonight at 10pm EST, and keep watching every Wednesday!


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