Royal Pains: Four Reasons ‘Pregnant Paws’ Breathes Life Into The Series

A Change Gon’ Come…

Normally, when I watch a new season of Royal Pains, when it’s all said and done, I always feel as if all the characters’ storylines feel rushed. Season five on the other hand is taking time to unravel, as episode four on July 10, presented more questions than answers. Prior to the season premiere on June 12, I was aware that there’d be some new faces to get used to, but I didn’t realize so much would be transpiring in the first four weeks, and as a fan, I’m a little overwhelmed. Still, with all the new additions to the series, I’m hoping it’s enough to keep me satisfied, while possibly keeping the show on USA for years to come.

While I am becoming less and less interested in the lives of HankMed’s patients, I enjoy the following changes to the series:

Diyva (Reshma Shetty) becomes independent – what I like about the lovely physician assistant is that she provides some insight on traditional Indian culture, even though her character is breaking the cycle in terms of love and relationships. In a typical Indian marriage, the bride and groom’s parents arrange everything, but Ms. Katdare wants to live her life on her own terms, which I can appreciate.

Evan (Paulo Constanzo) goes into politics – In the “pregnant paws” episode, Ms. Ballard (Frances Conroy) revealed that HankMed is operating without a valid business license because Evan submitted an incomplete application. If he can’t do something as simple as that correctly, how will he successfully run for Village Council? Only time will tell, so until then, I won’t knock his hustle.

Jeremiah (Ben Shenkman) gets a spot at the cool table – There was a time when I thought Dr. Sacani was way too uptight, but now that he’s loosening up to Divya, he’s definitely a lot more likeable.

Paige (Brooke D’Orsay) gets a job – As someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth its nice to see Collins have a chance at a normal life.

Paul Van Dyke (Kyle Howard) is back to force hank to step his game up – Though the concierge doctor suddenly disappeared in season four, he’s back in The Hamptons to give Hank some competition, since he’s still undecided about whether or not he should partner with Symphony Health.

If Paul and Jeremiah can come back to Royal Pains, will Jill be next? Tune in tonight at 9p EST on USA Network, to find out what other changes take place with the HankMed crew!


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