‘Graceland’ Review And Predictions: Are Charlie And Johnny The Next Agents To Leave?

There’s a reason why the fifth episode of Graceland was titled “O-Mouth”, and that’s because the writers of the show cliff-hanged us Gracies just before the closing credits. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only viewer whose jaw dropped when I saw Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) inject real heroin instead of hemoglobin into her veins. I’m also sure that the reason Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) is being investigated isn’t because he makes a living off of pushing drugs. Graceland is too smart of a series to let that be the big reveal for two reasons: Briggs knows that the bureau keeps tabs on missing evidence, and if that was the case an outside person wouldn’t be needed to make such a bust.

I also think I’ve got a handle on the next two agents to exit the house. Judging from the pizza box installment, I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny (Manny Montana) gets the boot since he was the last person to blow the squad’s cover. Additionally, Charlie should be next (that is, of course, if she doesn’t develop a nasty addiction).

My predictions for the next few episodes, and maybe the remainder of the season? Paul and Juan are working together hazing Warren to see if he’s worthy of being transferred to DC. After all, don’t rookies have to pay their dues while on the force? As for Charlie, if she does form a bad habit, there’s a possibility that she won’t get axed from the house due to her rich history with Zen Master Briggs. The bond between Ferlito and Sunjata is too strong for them to let anything terrible happen to each other.

What do you think will happen next?

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