‘Continuum’ 2.07 Episode Recap and Review: Second Degree

Julian’s on trial and Kiera’s racing against the clock on this episode of Continuum.

Kiera and Carlos are visiting Elena’s grave when Kiera notices something a little off about the site. A scan with her CMR reveals that Elena’s body is missing. Knowing that it would only be valuable to someone who knew she was a time traveler, Kiera immediately goes to check on the two Liber8 bodies in the VPD morgue, only to discover that they’ve been “checked out” by someone claiming to be from the fictional Section Six. Kiera isn’t the only one who’s noticed the disappearances, though. Gardiner confronts her with what he knows, and in a stroke of genius, Kiera decides to let him have the case.

With Gardiner out of the way for a while, Kiera and Carlos are free to turn their collective attention to the big plot point of the episode, Julian’s trial. The kid got off with time served for the terrorism charges, but he still has to stand trial for Attempted Murder after having shot Carlos last season. The trial isn’t going well, to be honest. Kiera notices an overly anxious juror, but before she can really investigate, she sees Sonya leaving the courthouse. The ensuing chase comes up empty, but an illegal hack of the juror’s email shows that someone has his family and wants Julian found not guilty.

Kiera and Carlos throw themselves into entirely into the search for the juror’s family. They beg the new Chief to keep it on the DL for now, since telling the judge about the potential mistrial could alert the kidnappers that they’re on to him and/or her. With the help of the Orange Slice of Wonder (which is what I’m choosing to call the piece of time travel device) and Kiera’s invisibility suit, they track down the family and rescue them from the hold of a decommissioned fishing boat.

The juror isn’t the only one who could throw this trial, though. Alec’s mom takes the witness stand and flat out lies about what happened that day at the farm. Alec is not only ticked off, but is now between a rock and a hard place. If he tells the truth, his mom could go to jail for perjury. If he doesn’t, they both could. Alec makes the decision to stick to his story and implicate Julian. Of course, as soon as his testimony is heard, someone comes up to the judge and alerts him to what’s been going on behind the scenes all along. The judge reluctantly declares a bench trial, saying that he’ll decide the verdict for himself.

As it turns out, that was Sonya’s plan all along. The judge was always in her pocket, and he decides that Julian was acting in self-defense when he shot Carlos. What Kiera and Carlos can’t figure out is who got to the judge. We get to learn that that responsibility fell on the shoulders of mayoral candidate Martin, Carlos’s old frenemy. It appears as if now he’s working for both Sonya and Travis, playing both sides against the middle.

Back at the precinct, Gardiner’s episode-long search has finally born fruit. He has an image of “Agent Warren” and is willing to work with Kiera to bring him in. The catch is that they have to work together, or Gardiner won’t give her anything at all. Kiera agrees, despite the fact that she’s going to have to watch herself more carefully than ever.

Yup, I’m definitely a fan of Carlos being “in the know.” Kiera’s been hurting for someone other than a teenager to relate to in this time period, and having Carlos firmly back on her team is fantastic for the feel of the show. That being said, I can only give him about one more full episode of gawking at funky future-tech tricks before I start calling his reactions slapstick.

I’m looking forward to more exposition on Emily. My current working theory is that she’s another time traveler. Mostly because that particular brand of waif-fu tends to mean that the character either isn’t contemporary or isn’t human. I’ll be cool with either of those outcomes, myself. I just want to know her real identity and her endgame.

Best Quote:
Carlos: “What’s the angle?”
Kiera: “Dead time travelers, mysterious body-snatchers… you know. The usual.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So was letting Julian escape the death penalty 2077-Alec’s way of making up for testifying at his trial in 2013, or was it part of a larger plan?
  • No, seriously. WTH is up with Emily??


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  1. Agree that Emily is a time traveler. We found out in this episode that she works for Mr Escher. I think her purpose is to distract Alec so that he continues on his path to wealth and power and the future remains the same.

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. To quote Yoda, “Always in motion is the future.” I think “New Alec” may not create the same type of SadTech and may not be as successful. Escher wants things to progress on the same path. It’ll be interesting to see how much the future changes….if at all.