‘Graceland’ 1.06 Episode Recap And Review: Why Paul Briggs Isn’t A Bad Guy

From the start of Graceland, the creators wanted fans to believe that Paul Briggs was the antagonist in the series, but now that we’re midway through the season, it’s clear that his intentions are pure. Regardless if Briggs revealed that he is a recovering heroin addict in “Hair Of The Dog” on July 18, it seems as though the latest revelation is part of a much bigger undercover operation. Here’s why: bad guys aren’t committed to doing noble acts of kindness (i.e. saving Warren from getting his head blown off by the Russian mob, and planting Charlie in a safe house so she wouldn’t lose her job). As much as Paul’s method’s for busting criminals are a little unethical, the fact that he’s saved more than one agent from having their cover blown should not be overlooked. Sure, Johnny claimed that drugs from Bello’s yellow submarine had gone missing, and Sunjata was the last agent to have processed the evidence, but that doesn’t explain why Juan so desperately wants Mike to keep to investigating him.

More importantly, why would Briggs hide his addiction from his housemates, when they’re such a close-knit unit?

Furthermore, why would the FBI give a rookie such a major assignment, fresh out of grad school?

What you think is the real reason for Briggs’ secret investigation?

Let me know in the comments, and tune in to another episode of Graceland tonight at 10p EST on USA!


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  1. Paul Briggs is FULL OF IT! He is a bad guy, for example, was the place Charlie was staying at really a CI’s? If if was, why would they feel the need to lock the closet and prevent Charlie from discovering something? Suggestion: Maybe it’s Briggs Heroin Den.

    1. Yeah, maybe it is his den. So what? Are you without sin?
      You’re like Liz Keane, “wah! 🙁 I don’t understand everything that’s happening around me so I’m gonna throw a f temper tantrum and act like a BPD while throwing everyone under the bus risking their lives”.
      This show is about questioning moral relativism. Who is bad, what is bad. What’s the greater good. This writer is right. Briggs ultimately is good from a Utilitarian perspective. Does he do bad things along the way? Yes. That’s the FBI and IC in general. At least when this show was made the federal government was just interested in taking down bad guys. Nowadays they’re going after parents and ideological political enemies. I can see the likes of Briggs and warren plotting, encouraging and entrapping the occupy bombers, gov whither kidnappers , and the one-six trespassers. This show exposes the corrupt nature of how heroes protect the constitution, at least in their minds.
      Briggs was protecting Charlie from herself while providing her w plausible deniability regarding the shady things agents do in the name of “justice”.

  2. I agree with that Briggs is up to something and that the stash house he brought Charlie to was his. Also, I get the feeling that there will be some tension between them moving forward.

  3. I gave this show a chance, but it just does not hold my interest and I think that I will stop watching it. I appreciate your recaps and speculation and will keep reading them and maybe decide to watch again : )

    1. It’s pure like this article says. Too bad they sh it the bed with what’s her name (spoiler) exposing mike to Sid killing him. It made zero sense. She acted like he killed her family member. Give me a break. AND they kept her on the show?
      Her redemption was non-existent. I didn’t buy it nor did 2 million or half their viewers. Too bad they had to ruin their shot at another season by trying to be dark, shocking and unpredictable. Looks like USA didn’t like abandoning their blue sky.