Olivia Colman and Woody Harrelson Join ‘Girl from North Country’ Movie Adaptation

Girl from North Country Movie

Girl from North Country is heading to the big screen and bringing with it several big names. Olivia Colman, Woody Harrelson, and Chloe Bailey will star in the upcoming film.

The playwright behind the Broadway musical, Conor McPherson, is writing and directing the Girl from North Country movie adaptation. It will tell a story centered around Midwesterners who cross paths at a turning point in their lives. It’s set in Minnesota in 1934 and follows a group of travelers as their lives intersect in a guesthouse.  

Nick Laine, played by Woody Harrelson, is the proprietor, and his wife, Elizabeth, played by Olivia Colman, suffers from dementia. Events begin to spiral out of control for the couple. And, to make matters worse, their bank closing in on their home. And their adopted daughter Marianne, played by Chloe Bailey, has a secret that nobody can explain.

However, when escaped convict Joe Scott, who will be played by Tosin Cole, visits the guesthouse, a relationship develops soon develops between him and Marianne. As a result, everything for everyone will change forever.

On Broadway, the story is accompanied by a rather extensive catalog of Bob Dylan songs (and Dylan’s seal of approval), which further helped to set the tone of the play. Overall, the musical received positive reviews. However, it struggled to sell tickets post-COVID and ended up closing, not even making it a full year on Broadway.

Bob Dylan Is a Fan of the Play

“To be associated with Conor is one of the highlights of my professional life,” Bob Dylan, 81, said of the production. “It goes without saying the man is a genius for putting this thing together. And I’m thrilled to be a part of the experience. My songs couldn’t be in better hands. The play had me crying at the end. I can’t even say why. When the curtain came down, I was stunned. I really was.”

“Having Bob Dylan’s trust to create a story using his incomparable songs is a huge privilege, which has brought nothing but joy to my world,” McPherson has also commented. “But working with this incredible cast to bring these characters to life is almost beyond imagining.”

No Release Date Yet for the Girl from North Country Movie Adaptation

A release date for the Girl from North Country movie adaptation has not been announced. But we’ll keep you posted as more details on the project are announced!


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