‘Covert Affairs’ 4.2 Episode Recap And Review: Trust Issues

Let me be clear that this isn’t an in-depth analysis of Drake’s unofficial single from 2011, but rather a clever way to describe what’s going on with the characters of Covert Affairs. Everyone’s keeping secrets from each other – Auggie from Annie, and Arthur from Joan, making it hard to decide whether fans should be siding with Team Campbell or Team Wilcox. Sure, Gregory Itzin plays a slimy character on the weekly spy drama, but why else would he secretly recruit one of the CIA’s best operatives to investigate the Head of National Clandestine Services? He obviously knows Arthur is up to something. Just what exactly Campbell’s involved with still remains unknown, but whatever it is will cause trust issues with those in his immediate circle.

After revealing that his affair was a lie to help Joan ace her polygraph test, CA viewers later realize that Wilcox has an agenda of his own, as Annie wasn’t the only agent gathering intel for him. Seth Newman (Tim Griffin) – the Inspector General’s attorney (who also happens to be joan’s ex-boo) served as a mole at the agency also. And If I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect that Henry enjoys making a mess of other people’s lives now that he’s retired and his only son is out of the picture. Why else would he ask Walker to track down Arthur’s boy – a known terrorist in Colombia, or attempt to have Newman try to rekindle an old flame?

We know Auggie is Arthur’s accomplice, Seth was working for Wilcox before his untimely death, and Joan and Annie don’t know the full story, but what I don’t understand is why Campbell won’t read Walker and his wife in, when they already figured everything out before he confessed. Hopefully the next installment will provide a little more insight on the reason for all these half-truths.

That aside, the best parts of the second episode had to be between Walker and Anderson. Watching Mr. and Mrs. Campbell’s marital woes come to light could possibly shed light on Annie and Auggie’s future together if they stay together long enough. They’re both spies, and keeping secrets from each other is what they do for a living, so lies from the job will most likely carry over in their relationship, right?

What are your theories, fellow Covert Affairs fans? Share them below, and tune in to another edition tonight at 9p, on USA!


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