‘Suits’ 3.2 Episode Recap And Review: Smooth Sailing…For Now

During the season opener of Suits, the entire firm was at war – especially with Ross, but it looks like he’s back in everyone’s good graces… for now. Alas, the Harvey-Mike bromance is back in full effect! While part of me would’ve liked to see the Litt-Ross dynamic further evolve past expensive lunch dates, mud baths and movie references, I’m glad to see the winning Team back on good terms, as I thought this senior partner vs. illegitimate associate feud would be dragged out for more than two episodes. It feels like the only time Mike stands up for himself at the office is when he feels threatened. Other than that, he normally lets his co-workers walk all over him. I’m aware that part of his fake job description requires that he be bossed around, but there’s a complete difference between taking orders from a superior and being undermined. Law degree or not, it’s obvious that Ross’ talents prove to useful at Pearson-Darby, otherwise Harvey wouldn’t have hired him in the first place. But while Mike is now in the clear, Specter and Pearson still have many unresolved issues that need to be addressed.

Relationships aside, the highlight of the “I Want You To Want Me” episode was watching Louis get a taste of his own medicine. For the first two seasons, Rick Hoffman’s character was a total prick. He was always trying to upend Specter, and well, karma is a b*tch. Another enjoyable aspect of episode was realizing just how much power Donna has over Harvey. At first I thought Jessica was the only female capable of getting him to tone down his ego, but it’s clear that Sarah Rafferty’s character also has Macht’s suitor by the collar, which makes me wonder if they’ll ever hook up. Since the start of the series, I’ve always thought Gabriel and Gina would eventually f*ck and get it over with, but at the rate they’re going it may never happen.

Another thing that may never happen is Zane and Ross’ future. Now that Patrick J. Adams’ character confessed the truth about everything, there seems to be a lack of chemistry between them. They solve all their problems with sex, only to end up in disagreement hours later. Most of Rachel and Mike’s problems have to do with Markle though, who is still wrestling with being the last to know about his secret.

Do you think Zane and Ross can make their work relationship/personal-life work? Let me know in the comments, and tune in to an all-new Suits installment tonight on USA at 10p!


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