‘Continuum’ 2.08 Episode Recap and Review: Second Listen

Lots of twists and turns ahead for Kiera and Alec on this episode of Continuum!

As with most episodes, we’re starting back in 2077 (or thereabouts). Kiera and a few other CPS are on hooker duty, bringing a selection of Lovely Ladies to Sadler’s airship. One of them happens to be Jasmine Garza. Sadler evidently recognizes her, as she’s his choice for the evening.

Back in the past, Kiera and Gardiner’s efforts at tracking down the missing bodies isn’t going as well as they’d like. They’ve found a couple of guys in the van used in the morgue robbery, but they don’t know much. Their info leads Kiera and her suspicious tagalong to an empty refrigerator truck that used to hold the bodies they’re looking for. With no evidence in sight, the case against the van duo gets dropped. Moments later, however, the dudes themselves get dropped as well thanks to an aneurysm-inducing device held by two men wearing blue gloves the man we saw on last week’s security footage.

Kiera goes to Escher for more intel about who they’re looking for. He swears that the gang isn’t working for him, but tells her that they’re Freelancers from her time. Evidently, these Freelancers can be identified by tiny tattoos hidden between each of their fingers. That information leads Kiera to find several dead Freelancers and a connection amongst them: Fisker and Associates, the probate office for all of their wills. Those wills have the same beneficiary, too – Mr. Warren, the menacing man with the aneurysm machine. When Gardiner goes back to investigate Fisker a second time, Mr. Warren skips the aneurysm in favor of putting a bullet or two through Gardiner’s head. This is not going well.

Meanwhile, Alec is having a few issues at home. He and Emily can’t really get any privacy at his place, and Kellog isn’t keen on either Emily or Jason hanging around the lab. Alec takes a break from inventing the world Kellog knows when he gets a call about someone attempting to hack his home network. He arrives to find all but one of his roommates dead in the living room, and Garza holding the other one captive. She takes Alec to the future site of SadTech for a “chat.” A series of flashbacks (flash-forwards?) reveals that Sadler sent Garza back himself as a failsafe with the mission to kill young Alec if he starts heading down Sadler’s destructive path. Alec’s love for Emily convinces Garza that Alec can live, for now.

Alright, I’m officially back on board. I admit that I’d been starting to lose a little focus with Continuum over the last few episodes, but this one brought me back into the fold. God bless twist-heavy episodes!

I’m still a little iffy on the whole Freelancer thing. I’m reserving judgment until I see where it’s going. The Garza plot line, though? Loved it with all my loves. That was a brilliant reveal and raised some fantastic questions about the nature of time travel on the show. Sadler planned to send Garza back to change the past, but seemingly already recognized Kiera. If he recognized Kiera, then the past we’re watching has already happened to him and can’t be changed, but sending Garza back means that Sadler thinks it still can. Fascinating…

A moment of silence for Agent Gardiner, if you please. I’m not sure what your real purpose was, sir, but you filled the role of secondary antagonist with grace and aplomb.

Best Quote:
Alec: “I’m an autonomous human being, y’know. I have independent functionality.”
Kiera: “Yes, HAL.”
Alec: “Hey, is that your first pop culture reference? I think it is!”

Things to Ponder:

  • “I sent you to protect me and her to kill me” is just about the best plot-specific line I’ve heard from this series in ages. Who else could Sadler have sent back, and why?
  • Apropos of nothing: I have a Freelancer freckle on my right hand. Only one, though.


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  1. I’ve been a Continuum fan since day one and the show never ceases to amaze with its twists and turns as you’ve discovered. I was just beginning to like Agent Gardiner and then he’s eliminated. Think Kiera will be genuinely sad at the loss.

    Agree with the best quote. Love the HAL reference.
    Thanks for the recap and stay tuned for next week’s episode!