‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.6 Episode Recap And Review: 3 Reasons The Series Will Go Back To It’s Roots

The game just keeps getting harder and harder to play, as Dani’s clients seem to have serious psychological issues spanning far beyond her area of expertise and TK’s career as a superstar wide receiver could be over sooner than later.

There was a time the story lines in Necessary Roughness weren’t so heavy – you know, back when Dr. Santino only had one patient, and her job was to get The King to play better football? These days however, Danielle’s weekly cases require a lot more care and sometimes prescription medication. Meanwhile Terrence is slowly slipping into retirement status (as shown in episode six), since Kate Miner’s character has all his attention this season. When a sex tape of TK and Sheera leaked on the internet, Coach Wiz (David Andrews) decided to trade Mechad’s character to Buffalo as punishment, which could possibly mean less time on the field. Elsewhere, it is later revealed that Carl (the former accountant who committed suicide) was using V3’s charity foundation to funnel revenue to the Cayman Islands. Also, there still hasn’t been one game of football played this season, with only four episodes left in the finale.

And now that Coach Purnell (Gregory Alan Williams) is back on the series, it appears that the show will return back to its roots. Here are three reasons why:

• Connor and/or Troy could end up in jail for embezzlement

• Dr. D could relocate to New Jersey to act as a new team therapist – after all, she’s no longer in a relationship, and her kids are never home

• The focus of the show will revert back to focusing on the NFL

Do you agree? Let me know where you stand, and be sure to tune in to an all-new episode of Necessary Roughness tonight 10p, on USA!


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