‘Royal Pains’ 5.6 Episode Recap And Review: Can Of Worms

There’s a reason the last episode of Royal Pains was titled Can Of Worms, and it isn’t just because Hank’s patient of the week was suffering from symptoms caused by the “tape-worm diet” – in which a person intentionally introduces a parasite to the digestive system with the intention of said parasite reducing the human’s caloric intake. As the series continues, the stories become harder and harder to follow, which could cause HankMed fans to eventually lose interest in the show over time. When Royal Pains first started, I sensed there was a more serialized approach, but now each episode feels like a procedural installment, rather than a medical drama focusing on concierge practices headed by an independent doctor who owns a boutique business that is co-managed by his irresponsible kid brother.

Natural progressions for Boris, Divya, Evan, Hank, Jeremiah and Paige make sense, but if the writers add any more recurring characters to the cast, it could become an issue, as there is too much unfolding all at once. Not only do viewers have to keep up with the lives of the main characters, there’s also Blythe, The Barretts, and now, Paul Van Dyke. And while the show does provide clarity to many of the show’s major plot points, some episodes can feel disjointed. This doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying the season; I’m simply saying that I’d like to see a bit more structure and follow-through with the remaining installments.

Hamptonites! What are your likes and dislikes about season 5 so far? Leave a comment, and remember to watch the new episode tonight at 9p on USA!


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