Camp: A New Summer Staple

Howdy Campers! Get ready for a new episode of Camp tonight on NBC!

For those of you who live for the rush of summer youth this hour-long dramedy offers each week, gear up for another round of shake-ups and shake-downs as Valentine’s Day in July rocks Camp Little Otter. For those just tuning in, here are the emerging couples I’m keeping my eye on:

Mack & Roger: Mack Granger owns and operates Camp Little Otter. After a divorce from long-time husband Steve (the cheating scoundrel), she returns to run Little Otter on her own. Across the lake lies Camp Ridgefield, owned by the swarthy (dashingly handsome, and foreign) Roger Shepard. After many years of unadulterated hate and a few impulsive tumbles in the hay, the tension just might come to a boil this week. Especially since it looks like Mack’s world-traveling, handyman hottie Cole will step up to bat for Mack’s attention!

Kip & Chloe: Two-time leukemia survivor Kip Wrampler wants nothing more than to sit inside watching documentaries. Okay, and maybe a shot with fellow camp newbie, the very-cool (and very-hot) Marina Barker. Unfortunately for Kip, instead he is trapped as a camp counselor in the great outdoors for the summer. And his medical history has landed him a leading role as the secret love interest of angsty nutter Chloe. Good luck with that, Kip.

Sarah & Robbie: Sarah Brennen and Robbie Matthews have spent the last ten summers going steady at camp. It appears that Robbie is making moves to get closer to Sarah during the rest of the year. He’ll start law school at Stanford in the fall, where Sarah has a swimming scholarship. But Sarah, who just came clean that she nearly lost that scholarship, seems to have other plans in mind. This week, her new man friend, famous writer Miguel Santos, will come face to face with Sarah’s boyfriend, Robbie. Dun, dun, dun…

Marina & Asian John Mayer: Marina is everything we wanted in college to be in high school. Let me rephrase that. She’s cool, comfortable in her own shoes, and cozy with the geeky guys. She might not have the in with the girls (who treat her like she wet her pants on the first day, rather than got caught the previous year on a Girls Gone Wild-esque video). But she does have the attention of one sexy, guitar-playing hipster. Like I said, she’s not who you wanted to be in high school, but she’s the high schooler you wish you’d been when you got to college. Considering Asian John Mayer has the attention of all Marina’s snooty roommates (Chloe included), it will be interesting to watch this week as they pine for what Marina’s got.

Buzz & Boobs: Mack’s 15-year-old son Buzz (he ate a bee when he was a kid) has only one thing on his mind – boobs. That is, any and every boob. He has a schedule to keep. Even though fellow camper Grace has shown sincere interest in Buzz, he’s still barreling head-first into silly plans to get to First Base with any girl. Maybe he’ll decide to step it up and try romance this week. I doubt it.

All in all, this week should prove to keep up the summer spirit with fist-fights and steamy trysts. So come join the Camp fire! We promise you won’t have to sing Kumbaya.


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  1. I have enjoyed this new series so far, most of it at least. I look forward to things gelling with writers, cast and directors….hope it gets the chance.

  2. I actually sew part of an ep last night. The girls would have liked it as some of the actors /actresses are from a show they enjoy Dance academy.