‘Covert Affairs’ 4.3 Recap And Review: Battle Of The Sexes

Judging by the third installment of Covert Affairs‘ fourth season, there’s a bit of a power struggle between the men and women.

Ever since Annie and Auggie became a couple, Anderson’s been acting very over-protective of Walker, and it’s obvious his love for his girlfriend is interfering with his professional career. On the previous episode titled “Into The White”, Annie traveled back to Medellin, Colombia to determine whether Teo Braga is an ally or an enemy — and of course Auggie wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. Here’s my problem with Gorham’s character this season: he’s gone soft on us now that he’s involved with Perabo on the series. Annie is known for making bold moves and taking risks, so what makes him think that because they are a couple, she will change her ways – especially if he’s keeping secrets from her? On top of that, because Gorham has a disability, he can sometimes prove to be more of a liability than an asset. Remember when he got shot during the premiere?

In the long run Christopher and Piper’s involvement with each other won’t last because Auggie wont let Annie work independently. I understand that teamwork makes the dream work, as it was the overall theme in “Into The White” (considering Arthur and Joan collaborated to prevent Walker from losing her job due to the little mishap with Seth, but in the spy world), but who can really be trusted in the spy world? Everyone has secrets, and it’s only going to cause more issues moving forward.

The Campbells also seem to on different pages as well now that the half-truth is out. Prior to Annie’s second trip to Latin America, it was obvious that Arthur didn’t read Joan in on the situation, and if it weren’t for Walker giving specifics about the mission, her career at the agency would’ve been at risk.

Despite these observations, I’d like to see the main characters continue to work together as they further investigate Henry Wilcox and Braga. Some of the best scenes of the July 30th episode were between Perabo and Matchett as they set aside their differences and offered moral support to one another. Another aspect that is interesting to watch on Covert Affairs is the way Arthur acts toward his son. I’m used to seeing Gallagher’s character show little to know emotion, so it’s very refreshing to see this side of him.

Now that viewers know that Braga is an undercover agent with the ACL terrorist group, it’ll be exciting to see if everything Mr. Campbell thinks he knows about his son is true or false.

Will Teo join forces with his father? Share your theories below, and tune in to another edition of Covert Affairs on USA, Aug. 5 at 9p EST!

Side note: How awesome was Joan’s promotion to DCS?!