‘Continuum’ 2.10 Episode Recap and Review: Second Wave

There’s a new-old player in a larger game on this episode of Continuum!

Alec has ARC keeping a digital eye out for Liber8 activity. Nothing much has popped up until suddenly we’ve got Garza on the screen. Kiera manages to bust up Garza’s attempt to purchase new weapons and takes her into custody. Dillon lets Kiera interrogate Garza “off the record,” a fact with which Carlos is most assuredly uncool. A few rather forceful desk-slams later, and the only thing Kiera has learned is that Travis was fitted with a military-grade CMR. The knowledge is really only good for a couple of migraines for both Travis and Kiera this episode, but it doesn’t take Travis long to figure out that his CMR can tap into Kiera and Alec’s systems. There is nothing good about this.

Kiera’s attempting to track Travis when she runs smack into a protest led by Julian’s people. The protest is also being attended by the two Freelancers who were involved in all the recent body-snatching. The Freelancers attack Kiera using tech that she’s never seen before to neutralize her suit. Rebecca sees Kiera fighting the Freelancers (who give off a definite “Tool of the Man” vibe) and brings her back to Julian’s headquarters for her own safety. Things become decidedly less safe when Julian arrives and outs Kiera as one of the cops responsible for his father’s death. The location doesn’t change, but there’s somewhat less coffee and somewhat more being duct-taped to a chair. Rebecca wants Julian to use Kiera to send a message to his followers and the rest of the world. He does, but not in the way Rebecca was anticipating. Julian releases Kiera in front of his entire group, saying that “you cannot make a man listen with a bullet.” Well done, sir.

Back across town, Dillon has decided that Garza has more information to give, so he sends in Martinez (one of the guys who was torturing Julian not too long ago). Surprising approximately no one, Garza basically eats him for breakfast and gets the hell out of Dodge to meet Travis, who is waiting patiently outside the precinct for her. Things go slightly awry when she’s nabbed by Freelancers right in front of him. Not a good day for Liber8.

Emily’s not having a great day either, truth be told. She replaces Alec’s broken phone with one from Escher, telling him that it’s a present from her. She’s starting to Become the Mask though, and asks Escher to pull her out. He refuses and has her get Alec out of the lab for the evening, presumably so that he can get in himself. Rather than the breaking and entering we were all expecting, Escher instead surprises the pair at dinner and makes a bit of a sales pitch to Alec. Emily is understandably freaked and later promises Escher her silence and full cooperation. Kellog, who watched the whole pitch from a different corner of the restaurant, is not amused.

I have to say, I’m excited about the Freelancer plot picking up speed. I love the idea of there being an even larger game in play than just what Sadler’s been doing. I’m thinking that his time travel tech got out into semi-public consumption sometime after 2077, and these Freelancers are the result. Can’t wait to see more!

Also, what the everloving dickens is up with Dillon? Did Escher just brainwash him, or did getting fired from the force initially just utterly break his giveadamn? It makes me nervous that Carlos seems to be the only Good Man left in the department. Even Kiera isn’t particularly trustworthy on this one, just because the new VPD methods are starting to approach how things are done in her time. Not necessarily a good thing. With only three episodes left this season, it looks like Continuum might be going down a dark path next season.

Best Quote:

Julian: “You cannot make a man listen with a bullet.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Did it give anyone else a chill when Kiera basically started a riot to cover her escape? That can’t be good.
  • So Chen’s a Freelancer, huh? I still want to know if he’s actually dead or just using some tech from beyond 2077 to screw with Lucas.
  • FYI to my spoiler-avoiding readers: These last episodes have already aired in Canada, so you might want to avoid Wikipedia or IMDB for a little bit! Not that I accidentally read a major spoiler while checking character names this week. Just sayin’.


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  1. Thanks for the warning about spoilers. I try to avoid them!

    Kiera needed a diversion to avoid the Freelancers so she did what was most convenient. Although I thought she would’ve tried to leave Julian’s group earlier rather than get caught.

    The whole Chen and Lucas storyline is interesting. Not sure if Lucas has lost it!

    Can’t wait to watch tonight! Thanks for the recap!