‘Royal Pains’ 5.7 Episode Review And Predictions: Chock Full O’ Nuts

As Royal Pains‘ fifth season continues to unravel, Hamptonites are still left with many questions. So far we know that:

  • Boris is alive and well
  • Divya is pregnant
  • Evan and Paige are finally settling into their marriage
  • Hank is struggling with a minor prescription drug addiction
  • The current state of HankMed’s future is still unclear

With only a few more episodes in the season, I can’t help but wonder “will they, or won’t they”? every week. After watching last week’s “Chock Full O’ Nuts” episode, it looks like this will happen by the summer finale:

  • Boris will have to reveal that he faked his death now that the Milos situation is getting out of hand.
  • Divya will raise her baby with Jeremiah, while moving on to date Paul Van Dyke, as she is still totally unaware of his feelings toward her, despite the fact that they are now roommates (Does being pregnant really make women that dumb?).
  • Now that Kelly and Shelby are a couple, there’s a strong possibility that the pair were able to successfully negotiate a good deal with Symphony Health.
  • Once the merger is complete, Blythe Ballard will disappear, and the zoning issue will too, since HankMed will be operating out of a hospital.
  • Evan will no longer have to act as CFO thanks to corporate, which will handle all business affairs, allowing Evan to focus more on politics, as well as his marriage.

These speculations could prove to be inaccurate, but feel free to let me know whether you agree or not with the theories above.

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