Camp: Campfire or Campfight?

Howdy, Campers! Ready for another week at Camp? I know I sure am, especially after last week’s episode and the pics promoting this week. Let’s follow up on our couples:

Mack & Roger: At the beginning of the episode, Mack catches Buzz taking some “alone time” with a bikini magazine in his cabin. Roger wins a Little Otter raffle for a hiking tour of the camp. Cole, of course, does his best to snoop on their time together. In return, Roger shows up to Cole and Mack’s pool game. Best part? Cole kicks Roger’s ass! But then Roger uses romance (read: flowers and a date to the Valentine’s Day Dance) to seduce Mack…

Marina & Asian John Mayer (a.k.a. Greg): We finally find out the real story behind the dirty photos that pushed Marina’s parents into sending her to camp for the summer. Jealous of the attention Marina has gotten from Greg, Zoe (one of Marina’s snooty roommates) finds Marina’s topless photo and posts it all over camp. Apparently Marina had sent the pic to a guy back home, who then forwarded it to the entire school. Starry-eyed Kip helps her take down the photos and does his best to show her he cares. But when Buzz scoffs at Kip’s heartfelt Valentine, “There’s beauty in you that nothing can hide; I see you,” Kip tosses it away in favor of something less forward. Greg (Asian John Mayer) steals the trashed Valentine and uses the line in a song dedicated to Marina at the V-Day Party. Jerk? Perhaps. Or maybe he’s just completely unoriginal? On another note, Zoe and Marina have a wicked fight in the mess hall, and during punishment recycling we find out that Zoe’s home life isn’t all fun and games, either. Maybe there’s hope for the snooty girls, after all. Or, at least, humanness.

Kip & Chloe: When Chloe refuses to stop picking on Marina, Kip stops showing up to their secret makeout sessions in the boat house. Poor Kip. First, he’s the dirty little secret to a vapid, angst-crazed waif. Then when he gets up the nerve to drop Chloe and go after the girl of his dreams, he loses her to a guitar-playing plagiarist, Sadly, he picks back up with the lakeside makeout sessions. However, he does learn that he’s great at darts!

Sarah & Robbie: Sarah and Robbie hit another bump when they run into sexy writer Miguel Santos at the bar. Sarah pretends she has never met Miguel, and after an hour of listening to Miguel talk and watching Sarah moon over him, Robbie decides he can’t stand the guy. While talking to Mack, Sarah comes to the revelation that she’s not sure she wants her life with Robbie all laid out in front of her. And then Sarah – dear, sweet, misguided Sarah – kisses Miguel. Although I can’t say I blame her.

Buzz & Grace: Following the horror of being caught by his mom, Buzz spends this episode trying to keep a low profile. But at the very end, Grace saves the day. She cheers him up by singing with him from “Once” the musical. In an odd turn of events, Buzz then ends up walking in on his mother and Roger starting to get it on. Not only does it ruin the moment, but it makes Mack rethink her “situation” with Roger, and she pushes him away for good! I hope…

Needless to say, Valentine’s Day in July at Camp Little Otter was a smash! As for last night’s episode, let’s just say NBC has been posting pictures of Mack and Cole looking mighty cozy.


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  1. Another great episode. I love it that this show is willing to take chances with issues parents/kids face, as well as peers, bosses/employees, etc….