‘Suits’ 3.4 Episode Recap And Review: Conflict Of Interest

The ladies of Pearson-Darby seem to be a little pre-occupied, and these distractions could cause trouble later on. Ever since Mike and Rachel became a couple, it appears that her character has lost site of her career goals. There was a time when Zane actually had a job at the firm but now, all she does is gossip with Donna, spy on Ross and get jealous very easily as shown in the Conflict of Interest episode. Now that Katrina (Amanda Schull) is back in the office, I wouldn’t be surprise if she becomes the result of Zane and Ross’ future break-up. Katrina and Mike had such great chemistry working together on the Ava Hessington oil case, that I wouldn’t be surprised if she was up to something.

Meanwhile, Donna becoming more and more acquainted with Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley) and their new relationship could be interfering with her job as Specter’s secretary. I know the writers have already established that what Huntley and Paulsen have is just a fling, but temporary or not, once Harvey catches on there won’t be any time for her to stop and smell the roses. You see, Gabriel Macht’s character reminds me of Sean “Diddy” Combs – a very powerful man who likes having his assistants at his disposal. That means relationships are out of the question. Remember how pissed he was because Donna wasn’t around when he needed her?

My issue with Paulsen’s situation is the fact that her personal life is even an issue. It’s not like they have feelings for each other. Or do they?

What are your arguments Suitors? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for another episode of Suits tonight on USA at 10p EST!


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