‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.7 Episode Recap And 3.8 Review: An Emotional Rollercoaster

Vivan Green lyrics aside, the last two episodes of Necessary Roughness have been a huge emotional rollercoaster ride. In week four I stated that TK was looking for commitment, and he’s definitely proved that this season with his actions toward Coach Wiz and Sheera. By the fifth episode however, my feelings changed when I realized just how toxic She-K is. Remember that temper tantrum she had after Terrence asked for nuptials following their engagement when he arrived in Jersey?

In the beginning of the season I spoke about how much grown Mechad Brook’s character has seen over the years, but now that Kate Miner is a part of his TV life, I feel like he will become stagnant. Aside from the break-up-to-make-up-sex, there isn’t much to gain from She-K as a couple. Its obvious that all Mr. King wants to do is play football, while Sheera’s eyes are fixed on chasing the almighty dollar. And because the pair are on two very different pages, their relationship doesn’t seem like it will last – especially after that shoulder injury sustained in episode eight. Sure, TK will be taking steroids to recover and get back on the field as soon as possible, but what will happen when and if he encounters any side effects from the drugs? By then his career will really be over.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too good at V3, as Troy Cutler continues to prove that he is a sleaze bag. Since the writers of Necessary Roughness keep hinting that he is the brainchild of the money-laundering situation, I can’t help but wonder if Connor McClane is a good guy after all. It’s obvious he knows that Troy isn’t as loyal as he thought, and he’s on to him. Why else would C-Mac attempt to reconcile his differences with Abigail Bruce?

As for Dani and Nico, it’s great to see Careles being a lot more transparent with Santino now, in an effort to salvage whatever is left of their relationship and take down V3. That whole mysterious bit that Scott Cohen had going on all through the previous seasons is/was beginning to get tiresome. I can only hope that the writers provide fans with a little more resolve, since there are only two more episodes left in season three.

What are you looking forward to before the summer finale? Sound off below, and be sure to catch the new episode of Necessary Roughness tonight at 10p EST on USA!


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