‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.9 Episode Recap And Review: Karma’s A B*tch

What’s done in the dark always comes to light, as the war at V3 appears to be coming to an end. But for how long? In the last episode, Dani helped Connor see Troy for the snake that he is, hooked up with Nico and got Paloma her job back, all in a days work. I’m guessing that’s why the writers of Necessary Roughness titled the last installment “Sucker Punch.” I wasn’t expecting McClane to believe all the accusations about his best man, nor was I expecting him to fight back against his friend/enemy. TK’s decision to re-consider the steroid treatment for his shoulder inquiry also caught me off guard. Honestly, the entire episode threw me for a loop with all the twists and turns, and I hope that by the season finale tonight, everything will come full circle.

There are a lot of questions I’m hoping get answered such as: whether or not Culter was right about C-Mac being the person responsible for the agency’s shady dealings. Also, will Terrence realize how much Sheera cares about the future of their lingerie line than she does his health? If I had to guess, I’d say that if Necessary Roughness does return for a fourth season, which I hope it does, India will leave the V3 clinic, hook-up with King, and nurse him back to superstar wide receiver status the old-fashioned way, since she’s a therapist. And, Connor and Abigail Bruce will form a new alliance, unless he goes to jail.

As for Dani, here’s to hoping she and Nico stay together, because if TK’s career does end up being over, he’s going to need a strong management team to help him figure out life after football.

What do you think will happen on tonight’s season finale? Sound off below, and be sure to catch Necessary Roughness on USA at 9pm EST!


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  1. TK and Sheera need to break up (for good) she is nothing but trouble. and Conner being the corrupted one totally threw me i thought for sure it was Troy…. my question is who is “Alex” that Nico is trying to protect?